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Would others be interested in more comprehensive manager stats? I'm thinking more for the user than AI managers.

The reason I thought about it is during a Journeyman career I lose track of which managers I have faced and previous results (especially if they have also moved clubs). I'd be really interested to be able to see a manager 'head to head' as the seasons rolled on. Then things to highlight the managers and teams you have the most success against and vice versa. So maybe I have a great record against PSG but then Klopp takes over and I have an awful one against him it would add to some of my enjoyment of the game to have that sort of thing available, if not highlighted (I think that sort of information would make the pre-match build up screens more than just a click through, especially later in the game).

Expanding on this I'd quite like to see User Manager's profiles include a 'Records' section, much like the clubs, listing the same sort of information, biggest win, biggest loss, highest scoring game, biggest attendance managed in front of, lowest attendance, highest avg rated player over one season, player who has scored most goals in a season, player who has scored most goals for you over your career etc etc etc (Hell a Best Ever 11 of people you've managed fit to your most used formation would also be interesting). I'd also like a list of every competition you've ever managed in and your best performances.

I also believe if these stats existed it would add more flavour to some of the social media/news items. Your fans bemoaning your awful track record against Big Sam, a news item informing you that reaching the quarter finals of the Checkadale Trophy is the furthest you've come in 20 years of competing in the competition etc

Football Manager is at it's core a game for people who love stats, I think by adding a little more effort into the individual stats of the user could add some extra flavour to the game, which I've seen some complain doesn't engage them as much as it once did.

What do others think?

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