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More Powerful Pre game editor and Nationality Redo

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i would like to see more stuff available in the editor, for example the ability to make transfer polices(only local players or only players from country x). i would also like the ability to add foreign players but not Asian or whatever its called to the overall squad limits and have the same rule for the match day squad moved to the non advanced rules editor. Also, i believe it would be beneficial to improve on the dual nationality system. This is because generally in FM, countries who naturalize players, e.g Singapore, are just set as allowing dual nationality. This is flawed as while naturalization of foreign players does happen in Singapore, it is only if they would help the national team, and as a result, capped players are never naturalized. i believe this could be solved by having a system similar to that used in game in Russia, where only uncapped players can be naturalized. This also use to be the case with Ukraine, but it was changed even though players like marlos are still being naturalized to help with foreign player limits, despite this meaning they would have to renounce previous nationalities.

there should also be a distinction between nationalities eligible for and second nationalities.  This can be seen with Tiyas Browning who is eligible for china, but doesn't have a Chinese passport, so cant be registered as a local player in china.

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