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A loan youngster declining suddenly despite playing first team in a good team?

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I am stumped. FM18. My (Man Utd) player Angel Gomes is 18, and got his first loan spell at West Ham (also Premier League) since Jan 2019. By March 2019 he is a regular starter in West Ham, playing 6 games for the first team (he wasn't a regular in my first team, just starting for U23s). What I see is that almost all his attributes declined in March (several of them after an increase in February). For example, Acceleration went from 16.4 in Jan to 17.0 in Feb to 16.4 in March. Finishing went 9.4-10.0-9.4. Some just declined, e.g. Dribbling went from 14.4 in Jan, 14.4 in Feb, 14.2 in March. Similarly Long Shots went from 11.4 in Jan to 11.0 in Mar. 

Angel Gomes CA is still much lower than his PA. West Ham have Great training facilities (15) and several coaches.

What could be happening?



Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.00.31 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.01.06 AM.png

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Could be just random.

Attributes go up & down all the time depending on a number of factors including how hard he trains.

Maybe they aren't pushing him hard enough in training, maybe as an individual he isn't pushing himself, maybe he lacked motivation that month etc etc.

The other possibility is that he is being retrained or has unbalanced training so attributes have gone down so others can go up next month.

A new position would change the weighting of each attribute so that it may cost more.

Basically don't just look at one month, look at it over a minimum of say six months.

Also worth noting that just because he hasn't reached his PA it doesn't mean he will improve, some players just stick for no real reason from time to time.

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Two things going on here.

1)  Attribute rebalancing.  Sometimes, actual attribute gains can outstrip the allowed CA gain for that period.  When this happens, minor adjustments (0.1, 0.2) are made across the board to bring the overall attribute growth back in line with the allowed CA gain.

2)  You're looking at short term changes rather than long term gains.  Attribute growth is not necessarily linear and you can sometimes see peaks and troughs in the short term whilst long term you should see an overall growth.  So for example somebody's Finishing over a season might go from 12-15, but each month you may see 12-12-11-12-13-14-13-14-15.  (Or as you've seen, 9.4-10-9.4 over 3 months).

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