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ok so basically I've had a regents come through my academy, with high determination and potential (potential, he needs a lot of work). So I picked him as one player id attempt to develop the most, he was even a club supporter. he was inconsistent, which was my major qualm, I loaned him out for first team experience and also because I could get scouts to watch him and give him feedback to help improve him. 


So this is when it gets interesting;


he said he didn't want to be loaned I reassured him it was for the best, he was still being difficult but hey.  

he was putting in some sub standard performances like 6.5 over 7 games so I said relax it will come, he said I don't want to be loaned out this is your fault. pretty much.

then his personality changed which is a mechanic I've not seen before but whatever, went from driven to light hearted(his determination didn't change) . I was thinking no biggy it changed but I can get it to change back if I do this properly. 

so he comes back to the club I've got a squad with some pretty good tutors so I thought I can get someone to tutor him hopefully solve the issue. EVERY tutor I suggest he hates, doesn't respond well to being loaned out or being given feedback good or negative about loan performances. 

I go on dynamics and he's the person in the game who dislikes me the most (rival) currently.

does anyone have any experience of fixing poor relationships ? or am I going to have to sell him its no biggy if I do just would be nice to keep him as he came from my academy and I like developing players and he's in  a position I need backup for.

im not sure if keeping him in my first team squad is going to change his view on me or change his personality, as everyone in my squad supports me and thinks I'm good and the squad personality is professional. I currently have 6-8 players from my academy in my first team squad who have integrated well so he would have players he knows around him.

any advice on repairing damaged relationships would be good or is he just going to hate me for ever at this stage no matter what I do.  if thats the case ill just sell its a shame as he could be really good but he won't take the feedback. 




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