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Still getting the blame for my assistant's press conferences

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I could put this into the bugs forum, but it's been in the game for years now so I assume it's not a 'bug'...

My Spurs team just played Chelsea for the second time in the season. Apparently 'I' (my assistant) said something controversial during an earlier press conference that got Conte's back up. The press then focused on that before the second match, and Conte's now got a 'Fairly Poor' relationship with me as apparently I 'lack class'.

My assistant covers the press conferences because it's a hassle I can do without, but I'm getting the negative feedback from it - not because I'm ducking my responsibilities (that would be fair enough) but because the game still apparently believes it's me answering the questions. So I can now look forward to questions about 'our' rivalry from now until the end of time, when literally the only thing I've ever said to the press, in response to a direct question about this whole farrago, was that the press were blowing it all out of proportion.

Handling the media is a part of football management. I don't like having it in the game so I offload it onto the assistant and appreciate the option. That's my choice, but the consequences are in no way related to my actions, and this has been the case for several versions now.

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It could be by design, even if the way that design is carried out is a bit lacking.  I think there should be a bit of a negative effect from passing it to your assistant, because you are responsible for choosing your assistant (in most cases) and you've made the choice to send him to do the job that you should be doing.  I don't think you should be punished quite as heavily in game terms if your assistant says something stupid than if you had said the words yourself, but there should still be some effect.

It's probably one of the things that comes under the big raft of interaction issues that either need fixed or the module itself overhauled.  The module, as far as I know, doesn't really have a sense of context as to who said things, just that this team said something about this entity.  What probably should happen is that the news items should change tone from it always referring to you to more concentrating on the fact that you were absent.  In your example, Conte should be able to see you and your assistant as different entities, believing that your assistant lacks class, but should also perhaps be noting that you ducked the press conference.  It's far too black and white as it is.

Once again, as I say a lot, the game lacks context in several areas.

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