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Trouble over Injury Risk and Training Performance

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After attempting to lower the risk of my players by lower the intensity of the players training and removing the individual focus of some players I have still found that they still have a high injury risk which really bugs me as I am very concerned about youth development and injuries can stall development.

Also another thing that I'm getting annoyed about is player training performance. In FM17 I my players were able to perform to the full whereas now only a quarter can reach that with the same training focuses, world-class facilities, coaches etc. I don't know if the new training intensity affects it or I am getting it completely wrong or if this is a reasonable expectation. It would be really appreciated if I could have some help with this as I used to perfect this in FM 17 but now not so much

My training plan:

Date     Main Focus    Intensity  Sche

Jul-Sep     Fitness          High.        50%

Oct-Dec   Ball Control  Low          10%

Jan-Mar   Tactical          Low          10%

Apr-Jun    Balanced    Average      10%

Please comment so I can receive constructive critism 

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I could be wrong but I think I can see a problem right at the start. It's something we were told to do years ago - bang in with high Fitness in the pre-season. It's precisely when I stopped doing that that my injury rate dramatically fell.  It's the fitness training specifically that most likely causes injuries, so putting it on a high setting is doubly problematic. If you're doing it with young players, it is triply disastrous.

It is specifically through playing matches that players will get fit for the start of the season, and young players will normally develop physically perfectly well through age and normal training.

I personally use the pre-season for Cohesion (I don't use High but I'd suspect you can't injure players practising "cohesion") and match prep as tactics and teamwork to get familiarity with my tactics and each other as quickly as possible. I now never have the general schedule on fitness but will put individual players on individual fitness programs such as stamina if recommended to by my coaches.

I'd say my injury rate has fallen by 50% since I implemented this logic.

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