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Hide players in the scouting tab

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So i was just scouting when I had an idea. The problems with scouting are that there are many players like those on the bottom of the screenshot that you will never ever sign. You scouted them and you know, you will never look at them again. After a year or so of no scouting at all, their stars will disappear, essentially you have to scout them again because you dont know how bad they were. Also it makes those lists really long. Now what would be awesome is just by right-clicking to be able to hide a player and via filter menu in the top right corner you could later still decide to re-appear hidden players(for whatever reason)

The problem is, that there are always so many unknowns, and if you could hide players, those unknowns would always be new players you never scouted before - saving a lot of useless effort


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