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Can't accept or reject transfers

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So. I'm playing Football Manager Mobile 2018. During the game I noticed quite a lot that sometimes I make an offer for a player which then gets bugged. At least, I think it's a bug. Or it's a feature that I haven't heard of. The steps I take are as follows:

1. I place a bid on a player
2. The club rejects the bid and informs me of the actual price I have to pay
3. Except. There is no option to accept or reject. And thus the player seems to always be in a negation with me. I can't place a new bid. I can't accept or reject the old bid. Other teams don't place bids either and thus the player stays with that team forever.

I've attached some screenshots.



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It seems more people are experiencing this bug. Please assist in this because it is ruining the experience for me now.

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The silence is deafening isnt it!

I have stopped playing now until i know its fixed as i have missed out on two great looking players through not being able to make counter bids... beyond frustrating!

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