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I bought it for my Samsung Tab S2, as you can access the google store purchases from all devices linked to the account I tried installing on my phone.

I can confirm that FMT works on the Samsung Note 8 also, with logos and facepacks installed. With the pen its nice and easy to play.

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I am actually playing it on a samsung galaxy s6 edge+.

It isnt running at ideal speed and graphically it isn t either but if you like the game it s playable and i suppose it can only run better on a better phone then my s6+.

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Hi guys, FMT18 is only officially available for tablet devices, and it shouldn't be available to purchase or download on phones. In some cases as you are obviously are aware people have been able to buy/play it on phones and this is an issue with the Google Play Store and not our end. If it is running without any issues on your phones then great. However if you do run into any technical problems at any point we unfortunately won't be able to offer support.

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Hi everyone, 

I have a Samsung Model SM-T800, my Android version is 6.0.1, I already have FM Touch 2017 installed on it. 

I can´t find FM Touch 2018 on Play Store and Google Play. And when I access the game to buy on footballmanager website, it says that my tablet is not compatible. 

I tried to buy it from my UK gmail account, and also a account from France and Brazil.. and nothing works. 

What might be happening-?


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@NCGibbon you cannot install it on your Note 8 because it isn't officially supported. So it saying it's not compatible in the store is correct. The game shouldn't be able to be purchased on non compatible devices. As I said previously some do slip through the net from Google's end and thats why some people have been able to purchase/install it. 

@bhlouzada You have pretty much answered your own question, your tablet is not compatible with this years game unfortunately, as is stated on our website. This means that you won't be available to purchase/install it from the google play store regardless of what gmail account you use.

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On 28/09/2018 at 10:13, iank1976 said:

Should have supported the Note 8.

Its fantastic with the S Pen and super crisp display.




Was it available to you from the Google Play Store for installation? I presume it wasn't, so am interested to hear how you installed it ...

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