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Determined Professional with 'casual approach to training'

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I've got a young 18 year old in my first team who's development has stalled and slightly declined in the last few months. 

First season he improved dramatically, but his progress stopped after I rejected an approach from a bigger club. 

It makes sense this distraction detracted him from his development, however his unhappiness has since been resolved after signing a new contract.

Yet he's still not applying himself in training a few months on from this resolution. Despite his personality and high determined stat, the training screen still shows a 'casual approach' to training. 

Is there anything I can do to get him interested again? I've criticised his training level a couple times to no avail. Second time he got offended. 

I have high reputation so it wouldn't be that. Would dropping him help? Will give it a few more months but I'm tempted to sell if not. It's a shame as there's bags of potential however there's other youth I'd rather give a chance if I can't get him going. 

Would also be good to understand what metrics determine attribute progression. These are the ones I recognise so far:



Match Time (not sure if rating effects things?) 

Training Facilties 

Coaching and workload 




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Professionalism and Ambition are also important for training/development.

There are a multitude of factors that influence a player's development, these include but are not limited to:

Professionalism, Ambition, Determination, Morale, Facilities, playing time/quality, injuries, luck, etc.

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