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Help on Fluid meaning compact?

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I've seen a few posts saying that the more fluidity you select, the more compact your team will be. Does this mean it'll reduce the space between the lines in both attack and defence? Because I would have thought "push higher up" would have this effect defensively, although perhaps not between the midfield and attack lines.

And to save me having to think about it, what is the benefit of closer lines in attack? It's easier to play at a higher tempo?

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Push Higher moves the whole team towards the opposition goal without necessarily decreasing the space between the lines. It just means first contact with the opposition happens a lot closer to their goal. Shape, amongst other things, compacts or stretches the distance between the Duties (not necessarily the lines).

A very Pushed Higher instruction combined with Very Fluid would see your side engaging with the opposition on the edge of their box AND the entire team within a few yards of each other (very, very bad in terms of leaving space in behind yourself). A very Pushed Higher instruction with Very Structured would result in the striker(s) engaging on the edge of the opposition box but your defence still positioned relatively deep and your midfield somewhere in between (so, you're not going to massively effect the oppositions build up from the back other than delay but you do maintain that defensive solidity). A Drop Much Deeper instruction combined with Very Fluid would see your entire side camped on the edge of your box (which is fine for defensive compactness but terrible in terms of release ball). A Drop Much Deeper instruction combined with Very Structured would see your defence sitting on top of your keeper but your strikers still holding a relatively high position and the midfield in between (you don't get that defensive compactness against a sudden overloading counter-attacks but you do get good cover and still retain an outball).

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Don't over complicate team shape, I think its relatively minor compared to other things like mentality and roles+duties.  Its to refine how the strata's of your team combine.

I like to think of it as more structured gets deeper positions to stay deeper and forward players higher, plus makes the duty have a bigger effect.  This can stretch your team out.

Fluid makes the deeper and forward positions closer to the midfield and reduces the difference between duties. Hence brings the team closer.

Going very fluid won't make a poacher suddenly drop into midfield like a F9 but he can be less focused on his high position and runs behind compared to a structured shape.

You could play defensive very fluid and your team will be deep and solid, then will gradually move up field together. But this could allow the opposition to get back into defensive shape. Defensive + structured would see the forward players taking a few more risks to get forward whilst deeper positions are more cautious and deeper. The can enable quicker attacks before the opposition get back and organized but could turn over possession a bit more often or players being isolated depending on your formation, roles and duties. 

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