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[FM18]70 Legendary Managers + Smarter AI Managers + Facepack [Advice & Testers Needed]

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70 Legendary Managers Added - In Depth




See spoiler for list

Alex Ferguson Aberdeen/Scotland
Helenio Herrera Inter/Italy
Ottmar Hitzfeld Dortmund/Germany
Giovanni Trapattoni Stuttgart/Germany
Brian Clough Nottingham/England
Bob Paisley Liverpool/England
Valeriy Lobanovskiy Dynamo Kyiv/Ukraine
Miguel Munoz Real Madrid/Spain
Jock Stein Hibernian/Scotland
Rinus Michels Koln/Germany
Matt Busby Manchester United/England
Ernst Happel Hamburger/Germany
Udo Lattek Bayern/Germany
Marcello Lippi Juventus/Italy
Nereo Rocco A.C. Milan/Italy
Fabio Capello Roma/Italy
Bill Shankly Huddersfield Town/England
Carlos Bianchi Boca Juniors/Argentina
Bill Nicholson Tottenham/England
Otto Rehhagel Kaiserslautern/Germany
Luiz Felipe Scolari (Felipao) Guangzhou/China
Guus Hiddink PSV/Netherlands
Hennes Weisweiler Monchen/Germany
Jose Villalonga Atletico Madrid/Spain
Stan Cullis Wolverhampton/England
Joe Mercer Aston Villa/England
Albert Batteux Stade de Reims/France
Louis van Gaal Ajax/Netherlands
Bobby Gould Wimbledon/England
Luis Alonso Perez Santos/Brazil
Mario Zagallo Botafogo/Brazil
Wiel Coerver NEC/Netherlands
Don Revie Leeds/England
Herbert Chapman Arsenal/England
Nevio Scala Spartak Moscow/Russia
Luis Alberto Cubilla Olimpia/Paraguay
Harry Catterick Everton/England
Osvaldo Zubeldia Atletico Nacional/Argentina
Fulvio Bernardini  
Lucien Leduc Monaco/France
Arrigo Sacchi Parma/Italy
Aime Jacquet Girondons/France
Stan Seymour Newcastle/England
Vicente Del Bosque  
Bobby Robson Ipswich/England
Carlos Alberto Parreira Fluminense/Brazil
Luis Carniglia Nice/France
Carlos Bilardo Estudiantes/Argentina
Evaristo Beccalossi Brescia/Italy
Leo Beenhakker Feyenoord/Netherlands
Tele Santana Sao Paulo/Brazil
Willie Maley Celtic/Scotland
Miquel Soler Mallorca/Spain
Walter Smith Rangers/Scotland
Mircea Lucescu Shakhtar/Turkey
Paulo Carpegiani Flamengo/Brazil
Nils Arne Eggen Rosenborg/Norway
Oleg Protasov Dnipro/Ukraine
Jurgen Bogs Berliner Dynamo / Germany
Vujadin Boskov Ado Den haag/Netherlands
Luis Molowny Las Palmas/Spain
Jupp Derwall Galatasaray/Turkey
Sepp Herberger Eintracht/Germany
Heinz Krugel  
Johan Cruyff Barcelona/Spain
Vittorio Pozzo Torino/Italy
Stefan Kovacs Panathin/Greece
Javier Irureta Deportivo/Spain
Luis Aragones Betis/Spain
Jean-Claude Suaudeau Nantes/France


Any information found on the internet was used to complete as full and accurate a picture of each coach's style as possible. 

- Every manager has a unique personality: From correct birthdate, birthplace, hair/skin color, languages spoken...to liked clubs, disliked clubs, rivalries, controversial or calm, adaptability, and career plans...they all have been given attributes to act similar to their real life counterparts.

- Preferred formations and play style: If I could find it, their formations and play styles have been added as close as possible. What types of roles they liked as well.

Tendencies: If possible, I added tendencies, such as counterattacking, target man...if they often wore suits or tracksuits, if they roamed the touch line or sat quietly...etc.

- Every manager has a club: The club they won the most titles with or spent the longest time with was used. If that was taken already, the 2nd best club was used, and so on. If no club was available, a random club was chosen from the league they managed in.

- Current real-life managers have been replaced, of course. Either they are Assistant Managers on a 1-year contract, or been sent back to a previous club they managed.

Managers who are icons for a club were given long contracts: For example, Bob Paisley's contract for Liverpool is until 2040.

For long-term saves, all managers are around 50 or under

20 rated attributes: Determination, Tactical Knowledge,  Squad Rotation and all the Training-related attributes are 20. This is to make great managers, and to help(slightly) the poor player development and rotation AI clubs have.

- National Teams: If they managed a national team, that was added if possible

Better AI Managers Overall

Besides the new managers, ones already in-game have been modified.

For 130 CA+ managers:

Given a 20pt CA/PA increase

Coaching abilities increased also, relative to their CA

Tactical Knowledge increased, to 14 or greater, relative to CA

Coaching style from Not Set to General

Use of Subs is no longer less than 11

Squad Rotation is 20

- Tendency to fit players to preferred tactic, no longer higher than 14

For 160 CA+ managers:

Added missing ethnicity, hair, skin info

For 100 -120 CA managers:

Added preference to be Assistant Manager to 10


Questions Remaining:

1. There has long been an issue of unrealistic manager appointments.

 Would adding career plans help? For example, a Polish 160 CA manager hired in Italy. Would giving him a career plan to manage in Poland reduce that?

2. High quality managers without a job

Would it be better to reduce their reputation so they are more willing to work in top leagues? Remove career plans? Or give them a tendency to work in lower leagues?

3. There is a new non-tactical attribute: Versatility

Does anyone know what that refers to?

4. Formation variety is poor. Would anyone like it if there was more variety?

For example, checking all 130+ CA managers: 179 prefer 4-4-2, 157 prefer 4-1-2-3 DM Wide, 155 prefer 4-2-3-1 Wide, and 83 prefer 4-2-3-1 DM Wide. Would adding variety make the AI dumber? Or are there other OP formations the managers could use to make them better?


Input and Testing Welcomed:

Having only used Google to know what these managers were like, someone with more knowledge can point out errors, or supply information as to their tendencies. 

Someone with great knowledge of FM's tactical side could see if a better formation should be chosen, or play style changed, etc...

Of course, testing is needed: to see how the managers play, if changes need to be made, crashes happen, or simply if a mistake/typo/wrong info is found.


File: 70 Legendary Managers

Facepack: 70 Legendary Managers.zip


Thanks for reading!

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added facepack

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Do you have a version of this without the legendary managers?

I'd like a database where the AI managers are better as currently, they're not a challenge long term.

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2 hours ago, GazzP said:

Do you have a version of this without the legendary managers?

I'd like a database where the AI managers are better as currently, they're not a challenge long term.

I'll work on it. :)

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4 minutes ago, Clearyg said:

going to give this a try. I cant get the facepack to work. What folder should I put it in?

Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics\faces

Download/install https://www.fmscout.com/a-fmXML-for-windows.html

Do like below:


Then open up FM, go to Preferences > Interface > Clear Cache. Then, also, reload skin.

Should work then.

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On 12/28/2017 at 16:17, GazzP said:

Do you have a version of this without the legendary managers?

I'd like a database where the AI managers are better as currently, they're not a challenge long term.

This, times like a billion jillion. Haven't even bothered buying FM2018 because of crap AI managers and long career killing stupid squad building. If you can give me a DB edit that makes smarter AI managers I'd demand SI give you a job!

Edited by KnightedManager

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How did you test it? Do AI Managers really look better in the game and playing against them is harder?

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