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Hiring coaches with specialized expertise is a top priority during pre-season. I recently replaced my Assistant Coach. See image below. He is slightly less experienced and has lower world reputation than the one I sacked, but has higher mental ratings and a focus on passing (something my team needs to improve).

How important is the Assistant Coach in your plans? Do you notice a difference in team performance?

Any experiences or advice you can share? Cheers,


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You might be able to get a less advice spamming AssMan if he has the right preferred playing style. Though I have tried to edit an AssMan to create the perfect one and he still spams me with bad advice, that more feels like SI has programmed him to troll the player, by giving us the worst possible advice. (The classic, tells us to retain possession, then tells us to go more direct, then tells us to retain possession...)


The AssMan's coaching stats is the most important part, because having good coaching is vital for player development.


His scouting stats is helpful in giving you a more precise overview of current ability and potential ability. (It's the AssMan opinion that is displayed on club players, no matter what you or anyone else's stat is at the club. Only coach reports allow you to get someone else's opinion on club players, but it is a lot easier if the star rating showing outside of the coach report is fairly accurate. Instead of having to go through 10 sub menu's to view the coach report then scroll through the 30+ coaches at the club to find one with good scouting stats.)

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