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Defending Set Pieces

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So I'm having real trouble defending set pieces.  All set pieces really, be it corners, free kicks and even throw ins.  I've read a few threads about possible bugs that might be in the match engine which results in the opposition having a man free on the edge of the box from indirect free kicks which I have experienced, but that's not the main issue really.  My players just seem to really, really bad at marking, tracking runners and even just jumping for a header.  I've tried a few defensive setups involving zonal marking, man marking and a mixture of the two but nothing at all seems to be able to defend them with any sort of regularity.  It's not enjoyable when every time a highlight appears and it's the opposition having a corner, you're 90% sure it's going to go in.

I'm playing as Forest on FMT in my first season in the EPL, second season overall.  So obviously I'm not expecting to be keeping clean sheets all the time but when I go back and analyse matches to see that in general I've either matched or bettered the opposition in most areas but I've also conceded two or three goals from set pieces it's so frustrating.  I've scored the 5th highest in the league (38 in 22) but I've conceded the most by far (47 in 22, the next highest being 38 conceded), with a huge amount of those coming from set pieces.  Case in point just happened against Newcastle.  Matched them for the most part, had more clear cut chances than them and generally was the better side, however I lost 3-2 to 2 headers from corners and a header from a wide fee kick.  Crosses into the box for a tap in also seem to be happening with a bit too much regularity but I guess that's a separate issue really.  My defenders aren't awful, they all have decent stats for jumping, heading, strength etc.  Is it just a case of getting better defenders, is this an actual issue this year or is there something different I should be doing?

If anyone could give me any advice on setups, what types of defenders to put where etc that'd be appreciated!

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Hi mate. It's no route to success but mine is as follows:

RB - near post

LB - far post

CB - Mark tall player

CB - Mark tall player 

DM - man Mark

MC - man Mark

MC - Mark 6 yard box near post

AML - Mark penalty spot

AMR- edge of area

SC - Stay forward

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