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Philosophy & depth in creating tactic

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Hello all.

As a long time player of the game (since around 94') and as who grew up to be involved in professional football myself, I have some thoughts on the tactic module in FM.

As some might know from various articles, Pep Guardiola divides the field into 20 "boxes" according to which he gives comments and teaches his players the game of positions (Juego de Posición) he developed.

It goes like this: 6 boxes to the right, 6 boxes to the left, 3 boxes in the middle of the field close to the opponent's goal and 3 identical boxes in the defensive part. In addition, of course the 16m boxes.

That's how it actually looks: http://outsideoftheboot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/image13.png

Every player has to know where he stands, where he goes, how he does it and at what stage in the game- there are four situations:

  1. Attack
  2. Switching from attack to defense
  3. Switching from defense to attack 
  4. Defense

All in co-ordination and thought of what other team mates do at the same moment and the amount of space.

Jose Mourinho also went into great detail with his players when it comes to defense. Mourinho, like other Portuguese coaches, believes in Tactical Periodization.

The aim of the tactical method of the Tactical Periodization is ti know how to to react - tactically, technically, physically and psychologically - automatically to every moment in football. The best individual, according to this method is the one who makes the best decision according to the scenarios presented by the game. Each training for action comes with a tactical dimension and preparation for dealing with a specific opponent. Before each game, the players are prepared according to the following scenarios:

  • Defensive Organisation
  • The Transition from Defence to Attack
  • Offensive Organisation
  • The Transition from Attack to Defence

For each such specific scenario, he also prepares an individual player to deal with the opponent in front of him.


Now, you might think, why is he bothering us with all of this re-cycled material about the footballs world great :/ I imagine that many of the football heads and people on here are quite aware of all of this. The reason I am bringing this up here, is due to the fact that is that although FM is really growing each year and adding various aspects to the game, I feel the tactical part is still quite "Arcade" like. 

I would love to see much more in depth touch with the organisation of your team towards matches and the ability to really be able to control players positioning and actions, according on various game situations.

Yes, you do have a lot of control in FM. But for me, it is quite generic. To define your teams defensive line is nice, but can you really decide when it should stay up, when one of them should press up, whether you would like your defenders to be narrower in their position when marking or go wider to the wingers. 

Going into attack, more specific patterns, like a winger coming to receive the ball from the defense line, while the defensive midfielder goes to the left side and the left full back is already flying up the pitch.

These are just a couple of specific examples and there could be hundreds more. The main point is, that I would love to see more "Real Life" controls over tactics. Preparing to matches, the option to prepared for various games situations, what to do in different situations and so on.

Yes, I know this could be exhausting for some people, so I do think different modules of the tactics concept can be in the game. I.e. if some decide to play as it is now, it will stay down to general instructions and player roles. However, for those who really like to go in depth, something more extensive can be made available.



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