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[FM18] Puerto Rico + Libya

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Puerto Rico

2 Divisions running in parallel:
- Puerto Rico Soccer League (10 teams - 3 team championship play-off)
- National Football League (LNF) (14 teams - 4 team championship play-off)

Copa Luis Villarejo (8 teams cup tournament)
- Top 4 PRSL teams
- Top 3 LNF teams (No B teams)
- Puerto Rico FC

If using alongside claassen's CFU Club Championship file (which I would recommend), the following steps are required to have the correct teams qualify for the competition: 
- Load claassen's CFU Club Championship file in the editor
- Select the Advanced Rules -> CFU Club Championship -> Stages -> Stage 0 - 0 (Group) -> Teams
- Find "Get Last Winner" and "Get Last Runner Up" entries for Puerto Rico
- Change the competition in these two entries to "Puerto Rican Liga Nacional Primera División"
- Find entry "Get Specific Team - Puerto Rico FC"
- Change this entry to something else (I recommend Get Last Third Place - Jamaican Premier League)
- Save and Test Rules

If you spot any issues, let me know.

Puerto Rican League System.fmf

Edited by howabe

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1 Division - Libyan Premier League
- 4 groups of 7 teams
- Top team of each group qualifies for championship group

Libyan Cup
- 32 team knock-out tournament

Few additional database edits to add missing teams, cities, stadia etc.

Libyan Premier League.fmf

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Thank you for the PR update, always wanted to try to run a PR team.

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