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@Cleon @Rashidi  Maybe you guys can help me :) or anyone else for that matter


So I've started a new game after testing out some tactics with a previous save. 


I've started a Possession based 4-2-3-1 

there are no shouts except for:

  • Possession
  • Short passing
  • Offside trap
  • Low pace
  • Depending on the opposition either exploit the center, or the wings.



started with cleaning up the team a bit, sold Elneny and Sanchez(since you can't offer him a new contract) . bought Kasper Dolberg, Mathijs de Ligt and Thomas Lemar.

what i want to create is:

  • slow paced
  • possession
  • build from the back
  • creativity
  • clever trough balls


I've let the assistant handle the friendly matches because i want players to get fit. and not focusing on tactics.

i've played a few games now; (watched them all extended)

Chelsea  community shield.  Neutral  p0-0 win (they played without Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez) 


Bournemouth                           Away    2-2 (played deeper, defending wingbacks because of the fast paced counters they play)


Liverpool                                    Home  3-1 ( fantastic game, possession wise, chances created, and defending)


Manchester United                  Away  1-2 

(this was a Stalemate although they hardly created any real chances, finally score the 1-0, Pogba gets a red card in the 60th minute, they score the equalizer                                                                                from a killer [blind] pass, in the 94th minute Giroud shoots, hits the aluminium, the ball rolls against De Gea, into the goal 2-1)


Chelsea PL                                 Home  0-1

(Alexis Scored a rebound goal) (we have the majority of possession, Chelsea get hardly any chance. their leftback (i think it was Azpilicueta) gets a second                                                                                           yellow. but we can't seem to turn the game around.


Buducnost                                Home   2-0 

i played a complete B-squad (we had 65% possession, 30 shots far to few CCC's, first goal came from a direct free kick in de 70th minute or so (thanks Lemar)                                                                                   (worrying, but playing a very  small league club so understandably they park the bus)


Southampton                            Away   0-0

(this is where is started to notice the problem, because i play slow paced possession football, there is great build-up from the back. but no real chances. the                                                                                     wingers either throw the ball terribly in the box, or go inside (as IF) and get stopped by the wall of defenders)



parts of what i want to see works

the ball is distributed to the the center back or the wing backs, they build up to the midfielders, to the Advanced play maker or wingers, into the box and either a chance is created or it is defended.

the opposition either plays a long ball which is defended by the center back and picked up by the midfielders or striker/winger. then the build-up starts all over again.

  • i have the striker and wingers to press more
  • same with the ball winning midfielder
  • the center backs don't press much and don't close down (i don't want fast strikers or wingers break on a deep ball
  • i play with a offside trap
  • the full backs are one defense because I've noticed the wings to be weak (I've noticed way too many goals come from low crosses into the box to the near post)

most touches and combinations go between Ozil and Ramsey / Xhaka


what i want to achieve is, just like the actual Arsenal is to play slow paced, possession football, with trough balls around the opposition box. but now there is too much played to the wingers that either go wide (Winger support) or go inside, and run with the ball (IF support/attack)

i want them to take time and look for better passing options or, play back and shift the play to the other side of the field.


please let me know if i need to give additional information!


the general setup is:


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So I've been tweaking my tactics a bit. to get a bit more depth and dare in the game 



the first match was against a Sky bet 1 team so a good opportunity to try it out

a simple 4-0 victory with some B-squad players. although I'm not happy about the possession %



The next match was a great test to tweak some more 

a Home game versus West Ham


as you can see they have had a great run. 

time to end it.

I watched the whole match again and did some on the go tweaking.

tighter marking on Sakho and Obiang.


the first 2 goals came from corners so that's not all tactics. 

during the second half, I switched the wingers back and put Lemar as a Raumdauter since Zabaleta was winning every duel.

i changed Ozil back to a playmaker role instead of Trequerista, and Ramsey to Box to Box midfielder

West Ham created nearly nothing, and most of West Ham's attacking situations we're created from own mistakes or loose balls




Seems like the tactics are coming together now.



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I'd like to know if i should keep updating this post. so leave a comment :)


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