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Where do you guys shoot your corners?

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I did my own set pieces but I don't really get anything from them. The positionning of my players is fairly simple: 2 players at the posts, one the keeper, 2 attack on each post, one comes from further and one stays around the box. Nobody else is in the box.
I don't ask to shoot it anywhere precisely, because I don't really know where. I tried to shoot it at the first post for a couple of corners, both were shot straight at the penalty spot.
The ones I've seen shot at the first post could never go past the first wall of opponents, who are closer than any guy you want at the first post.
Often they should outside of the box, but I really don't like that: first, outside shooting is quite poor IMO in that game, and it often ends up as shots going 10-12m away from goal (plus my players aren't the best at shooting, so...), and second, it also can end up in my player not having real solution, turning his back to the defense who's coming at him, and trying to give the ball to teamates coming to help. So in the end, no real chance.
I don't like short corners IRL, so I don't put a player to play them that way. Plus I'm afraid they would end up not crossing or stuff like that, since I'm often surprised at some things the players do (that don't make much sense)

So I don't really know... right now I'm on "mixed" but I don't think that's the best solution.

Where do you shoot? Have you found a style that works a bit better?

PS: I have tall players good in headers, so this is not a big issue here.

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i'm no expert, but i figure my instructions will give you ideas to try at least?

like you, i don't like short corners, nor do i like the ball the the chap lurking on the edge, possibly because mine don't have the ability to nail a first time shot.


where possible i like to have the ball in out-swinging and aimed for 6 Yard Box. I have an extra to stay back if needed as i've been caught out on the counter before. i select either the shortest or least suitable player for a corner to be back there.

CB's front post and Challenging Keeper, with the next best header/jumping reach to attack near post. the CB on near post scores most as a flick on.

the STCR currently at the top with 'get forward' is where who your taker will swap with.

it works for me, may not be the best around but i consider a corner an opportunity to put a ball in the box to be attacked, so give them a chance. 

good luck, hope this helps

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I've found having someone come short, as well as someone on the edge of the area, helps to recycle possession better from corners. I've seen a lot less aimless shots over the bar since I moved someone there. 

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