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Getting all kinds of crashes in game

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I have those both bugs constantly while i'm playing.

FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045022 (2017.12.03 11.13.50).dmp  or '' Your computer has been running low on memory..''

if it's not the 1st one it is the 2nd one, i cannot play 2 games in a row without having one of those issues.

I'm giving my career file + Dxdiag file

I tried everything solutions from the forum but nothing works.

I checked my laptop for updates and everything is fine, i also did the delete cache, delete preferences and reverify cache and still same issues..

By the way in my career, i chose more countries and division + large database than what its recommended (like 20k more players). But i dont think it matter because in the last FM17 i didnt get any problems with this. Only makes the game slower but i can handle it.

Please help me. Thank you 


FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045022 (2017.12.03 11.13.50).dmp

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Hi @RomanZorro

To confirm, have you been through all the information on the link below?


Have you tried playing a save that isn't above the recommended player limit? Do you still encounter the same issues if you do?

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Thanks for the reply Felix

I did do all of those steps from this very link. and yes, I tried to do another save above the recommended player limit and I have the same issues unfortunately.

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