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Last Season

Our first season in the Premier League was a success and this was mainly down to the transfer window going into the campaign. We finished 8th overall, but were knocking on the door of the top 6 for parts of the season. What with higher teams winning the domestic cups and what not, it meant that we qualified for the Europa League preliminary rounds, so that was the cherry on top of what was a great season. As mentioned before, the transfer window was my best one for a long time. Not only did I improve the first 11, I also managed to get every single target I wanted and this was key to our performance. It meant that I had all the right players in each of my roles to play my brand of patient football. It's not necessarily possession based, as the possession stats were usually around 50-50 unless I switched to a more conservative style. The idea was to flood the midfield with five players in attack (two wing backs and 3 central midfielders), have three centre backs holding their positions and have two forwards with one linking up the play and the other hanging around waiting for scraps. This allowed me to be adventurous when I needed to be against those middle-lower teams around who felt they could come to Cambridge and play an attacking formation, expecting to walk away with three points. It also meant that I could be quite defensive when I wanted to be, against Arsenal for example where I won 2-0, essentially playing 5 defenders as the wing backs tucked in and didn't venture forward quite as often. I've enjoyed playing the 3-5-2 formation over the last season and a half, as it's a very malleable formation, allowing me to change style at the drop of a hat, but I'm also wary of my usual stumbling block around this time in Football Manager. Each time I make big strides in the top domestic league, be it FM13, FM14 or FM17, I always stutter after the maiden season and end up spending the following two or three seasons trying to replicate the early success of the first. It's usually down to the quality of players that are available for me to sign, but I'm not a fan of attacking formations and that no doubt plays it's part as well. I'll be keeping an eye on my form this season, as I'm hoping with the new signings that I've made, I can finish 9th or above. That to me, would be success. Oh, and a good Europa League run for the reputation boost. 


Domestic Cups

Knocked out in the 6th Round of the FA Cup against Manchester United. There forward and wide play was too much for my side to handle and they ran rings around my defence. 


Transfer Window for the Upcoming Season

I'm not quite as happy with this window so far as I was this time last season, but we have improved the side in most positions. I was hoping that a higher quality of player would be available this time around, but the best players I've bought in have matched my current top players in terms of ability. Whilst it's still an improvement, I've had to watch Gilly's Stoke and Stu's West Ham go in for the players I'd have hoped to be bring in. Even Sean's newly promoted Fulham are in for better quality players. Johannes appears to be operating on a plain I'm not familiar with, as I've not seen his club mentioned once in the game this window. Still, I've made great strides in improving the bench and the squad overall, so fingers crossed this will translate onto the pitch. The only concern I have is that I've made a lot more signings than I would usually.


The Other Lads

Johannes: Finished in 9th this time around (1 place below last year) but finished with a higher points total. He has a great side of youngsters and wonderkids, all of whom my scouts rave about. All eyes are on Chesterfield to see how these players develop and whether they can take the club to the next level.

Gilly: Sat bottom of the league with 9 points after close-to-30 games. Despite buying in January ready for a Championship season next year, Gilly decided that enough was enough and threw his hat in the ring for the next available Premier League job. Stoke was that job, and he took them from 18th to Premier League safety.

Stu: Like Gilly, found the leap from Championship to the Premier League tricky. What's that old proverb? When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And my did Stu move quick. By Christmas, he had his feet well and truly under the manager's office desk at West Ham. He left his side in the relegation zone and they eventually went down as the season came to a close.

Sean: Back-to-back promotions for Sean's Fulham as he takes them back into the Premier League with a Championship title. A strong season in which he occupied the top two spots pretty much all along, with the odd stint in the play-off places here and there. Has, again, released half of the side, so he is relying on bringing in good player sharpish.

Mike: Resigned from Mansfield to take a side with a bit more reputation, a bit more money, a side that held a bit more of an interest perhaps. Blackburn is the side that the Belgian now finds himself at, and he has dropped back to League 2 to take the fallen giant. Respect. Mike will be hoping to do a Sean and get them up the leagues as soon as possible.

Scott: Missed our extra session but, for once, his assistant manager did him proud as they finished just outside of the play-offs. Scott has a good thing going there at the moment and will be hoping he take that next step and bring his side into the Championship.

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Stuart - Hartlepool 


Nightmare of a season saw me 2nd bottom for most of the season, Herbie Kane got a injury that saw him out for 6 months, i couldnt pick up any points with my back 4 not doing what was asked and my forward line was even worse. by December things were at a all time low. To top it all off the board where unhappy with me and a meeting was called asking what was going on ( couldn't make it up) and i told them bad luck was the cause when really it was the lack of any real investment over the summer and rejection of any updates to training grounds or youth set ups, with all the Tv money flowing into the club the board were not willing to release any funds for the up coming jan window. With things with the board now at breaking point my agent told me that West ham wanted me as they just sacked there manager, Talks were held and the job was offered to me and i walked out of hartlepool a little angry but was really looking forward to the challange ahead. 



Stuart - West ham 


So where i am East london and walking into a very unhappy dressing room, players wanting out wanting to play champions league football and others just there for the wages they have been getting. A clean out was in order but you cant really bulld a new side in jan. I set about getting rid of the players who were causing the most trouble and who were on stupid amounts, this seem to have a good effect not only on the dressing room but also with the way the team started to perform. Before the sale of the trouble makers i had only won 2 of my 1st 6 games and also got knocked out of the facup, After the sale and replacement i won 6 of 11 with 3 draws thrown in too, it was a great turn around in form and showed me that tho the sale of some of my best players was a risk but it also showed i have the players that can step up when needed, after taking west ham over in 17th place we finished 12 a good return after such a bad start. 


Summer window 




Season ahead. Board want a top 10 finish but i want a Europa league place, this club needs Europa league football or champions league football fast. Its a club that can really go places, the set up is here all that is needed is me to try and bring it all togetter 




Ali - Storming season for Ali did something me and andy couldnt do, not only did he keep his side up he finished in the top 10 great season. 


Johannes - Moaning about mid table boring seasons yak yak yak and on he goes lol, what he has to remember is that the side he has is very young and over the next couple of years. Still a solid season


Gills - same issues i had with his lincoln side as i did with hartlepool. He took stoke and looked like he was going to take 2 teams down in 1 season, then he swapped it about and went on a great run at the end and stayed up, nice job 


Sean - Back in the big time, like i said Sean had a chance to go up from the championship and he did, He now has the mighty Fulham in the prem, might be a little harder now but im sure he can handle the pressure Great job 


Scott - finished 7th but missed alot of the season 


Mike Now in league 2 with blackburn after leaving Mansfield, How he gets on we will have to wait and see, it is a risk tho.


Look out for other posts screen shots to follow 


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This season was madness for me i went into it on the back of promotion from league one and my feelings where a bit like well ... i hope i don't have a poor window and suffer the same ill fate as i did with Stevenage, i had got myself into this habit where if a player was on a contract he didn't merit then i wouldn't renew it so again for countless time i went into pre season with a thread bare squad but this time i came out with some really nice loans, i built up a balance of 15 million that i did not even really have to use, my running of this club so far has been good iv upgraded facilities looked after finances and as much as losing some key players hurt us we replaced them with cheaper options that did a sufficient job.

Onto the season, all i can really say is we hit the ground running we where unbeaten in like 10 games to start and we never really looked back we had our iffy moments for sure mainly anytime we got injuries we could not cope, i did not have any cover in full back area's or key area's further up the field, that was my one thing that held us back from true dominance was that our squad was good but had no cover for the sheer mass of games u must play in these leagues.

We surpassed our expectations in the cups nothing really to shout home about we went out 2-3 rounds after our projected target as much as there is not much i can rave about losing in the FA cup quarters away to SPURS got us some money that got put immediately towards youth upgrades. 




Media Prediction - 20th 

My aim - Stay up comfertably 


As always i have let a lot of people leave so i don't have to pay them a wage increase or a wage they do not deserve :)  

Losing my loans such as Mirkovic is going to be such a huge loss i cannot even tell you just how much, 41 goals last season for me, iv made him the star that he is became, also had a superstar CB on loan from Everton who was incredible for me, when i tried to loan these guys back they where like nah :)


My season will ultimately be decided on how good my window is ' again ' but i am confident with the budget i have i can stay up at the very least. 




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The season started poorly and just got worse. I missed the first 2 weeks off the transfer window because of work and never really recovered, my tactics didn't sit well in a league were so many teams were so stronger than little old Lincoln and by the time I changed up I was already in a horrible dog fight with no morale. The second window the board backed me and to be fair to them they never put me under any pressure I brought in a couple of good players but it was a losing battle I was already 13 points from safety and the club was gonna get relegated. The board made it clear they were happy to keep me on as manager and I wasn't feeling any pressure but after losing to Watford 3 - 2 with a 95th minute goal I chucked a hissy fit and applied for the Stoke job.



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So this was always going to be tight Stoke were in the relegation zone aswell and 4 points adrift of safety but they had some really good players and are a massive club with great resources and facilities. I went in and initially played with some  wingers that didn't go well and the service to the lone striker was really poor I lost my first game which wasn't what I had planned. In desperation I resorted too a Tony Pulis inspired 442 with some really attacking wingers down the side and my new favourite player Luan up top. This was the business and results improved massively aswell as performances.

Screenshot_74.thumb.png.2c21d510ef2ca503933f2d0bc1909fb1.png      Screenshot_75.thumb.png.bd5b511c25a18db1c40f4cdf25c879c2.png

 The defeat to Hartlepool was tough to take but with the formation change came a real improvement and huge wins over Watford and Everton and Stus new club West ham put me in a good position to stay up. A win on the final day against already relegated Lincoln gave me a 6 point gap to the relagation places and a 15th place finish keeping the board and fans very very happy.




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Would be nice to see some of the players brought in etc. good luck to all of you for next season

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Blackburn Rovers Football Club is a professional football club in Blackburn, Lancashire, England, which competes in League Two,the fourth tier of the English football league system.
The club was established in 1875, becoming a founding member of The Football League in 1888 and the Premier League in 1992. In 1890, Rovers moved to Ewood Park.
Blackburn Rovers have been English champions three times, and have won six FA Cups and one Football League Cup.
The club has spent most of its existence in the top flight of English football.

The club's motto is "Arte et Labore", "By Skill and Hard Work" in Latin.


Season 2021-2022

The Blackburn Rovers battled all season long against relegation in Skybet One, it seems the club is a falling giant.
With 12 league wins, 7 draws and 27 loses the club was relegated to Skybet Two.

Chris Powell was sacked by Chairman Jeff Bonser after 172 days at the club because he couldn't avoid relegation.

League Table (Relegation Zone)


Breaking News

" Blackburn in talks with potential new manager for next season "

" Mike Pauwels former Mansfield manager was spotted at Ewood Park "

" Blackburn Rovers appointed Mike Pauwels as there new manager for next season in Skybet Two "

Blackburn new manager: Mike Pauwels

Before starting a manager carreer Mike Pauwels was a professional footballer in Belgium he played at the following teams: RWDM, KV Zaventem, SK Nossegem.
After his football carreer Mike Pauwels settle down in London a couples of year to gain a coaching license.

His first job as Manager in England was Wycombe, but after a bad start he was sacked after couple of months.
He received the oppertunity to redeem himself and was offered a job as Mansfield Town manager in 2017.

After staying with Mansfield for about 6 year's he promoted Mansfield twice in those 6 year's to the Championship.

" Runners-up in 2019 in Skybet Two (Promoted to Skybet One) "
" Playoff w
inner for promotion in 2022 (Promoted to Championship) "

But after some personal issues he had to resign as there manager.

After being absent for a couples of months in the football world, he agreed to step back in the game and signed a contract at Blackburn Rovers,




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With finances looking okay at Stoke I have cast my net far and wide to bring in the type of player I think can improve the squad I have inherited at Stoke. I already have Luan here who is by far my best player so I have brought in a few of his fellow Brazilians to keep him company. With the transfer fees not being too painfull I have managed to bring in some real quality without breaking the bank and all the players have great potential to improve in value and ability.


 Clayton - A real top quality right back who was wanted by 4 other clubs I think he will improve leaps and bounds and my scouts love him. He has started pretty slowly and seems to be struggling a little but once he beds in I'm sure he will be just fine and make the starting right back position his own. 

Militao - I brought him in to initially train him up too play as a ball playing defender but now he is here I think he is going to be more suited to a deep laying playmaker. He has all the stats to play either position and will slot in as a DMC if my tactic needs to head that way.

Paulo Jose - Another in demand defender with huge potential I'm happy I brought him in and he is my first choice CB now, he was a bargain at 8.5 million and I imagine il need to work hard to keep a hold of him in the coming years

Screenshot_63.thumb.png.dac27542bf22efd24b865edecddf065a.png          Screenshot_67.thumb.png.f45fb004c96d1987f1e7faa675536ddc.png



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"Home of Milton Castañeira"


So last season was my 2nd season in the premier league. The campaign in premier league was solid but very dire as I was in 9th place in the premier league. I was never in any danger of getting relegated and not challenging enough for europe league /championship league. I had no success in FA cup nor Carabao cup. I signed a lot of players as I was in need of key players and more depth. You can see the transfers below

So now with my 3rd season in premier league I'm aiming to make a serious impact now. I'm still lacking in wing backs, but midfield is so much better now and attackers and centre backs just getting better. I'm aiming for Europe this season.

I discovered that I needed better and more centre mids so in january I signed Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid for only 8m. I also signed veteran centre back Jeffrey Bruma for 6m, but he's in his 30s.



Here's my results. Note that I lost three times to Ali's Cambridge.




This season has seen more and more interest for wonderkid Milton Castaneira. He's only 19 year old by now, although he's starting his 3rd season in the premier league. The lad did not have the best season last season as he was struggling for goals at times, but still had 17 league goals. However, he always performs as he assists on many goals. He also got his first international goal for Argentina. PSG, Inter Milan, Man City, Barcelona and Chelsea have been lurking around him. It's rumoured Barca are planning a 94m offer for him. He has a minimum clause of 100m. Note how similar he and Mbappe are.


Here's the coach report. Castaneira, Stocker and Postonskji the best players. Funny enough Castaneira only cost me 150k while Stocker was 31.5m. Then there's 5 players with 3.5* of which one of them is Bareiro who's on loan at Napoli. He's very good, but I just cant fit him into my system. Lucky enough he's a player of value so I can sell him and Napoli are paying for the loan. It's noticable how much better the centre mids are now compared to last season.


The players, new and older:

After the season I signed Manuel Stocker for a cool 30m. Yes, I now that's a lot of money but my scouts were raving about him. His attributes are well rounded with only marking and tackling letting him down a bit. I've negotiated an offer for him for a long time and at times Stuttgart wanted 100m for him.


I also signed signed Roman Zobnin, versatile centre mid. He will used also as WBR. Then I added yet another centre mid with Volodymyr Shepelev. Actually I didn't plan to sign them both but I had offers for them at the same time and was away when I had to confirm them. However with me playing 3 centre mids at once it's not a big problem. This did meant however that Douglas Luiz, Tom Davies and James Mccarthy would be leaving or not playing at all. I did manage to loan out Douglas Luiz. Tom Davies will be a backup as the 6th centre mid. James Mccarthy



So there it was, I only managed to buy centre mids, which I did need. But I wasn't able to strengthen the wing backs. I really need a right wing back because I'm getting sick of Hoet. I was also looking for one extra centre back but wasn't able to sign the once I wanted so I decided on using Nathan Chapman or Spence. I decided that I was going to loan out one of them, preferebly the one which would yield more income. That turned out to be Spence who Huddersfield in the premier league took on loan for a lot of money. Jayden Walker again went on loan, also for a good value.

Dani Ceballos. My current captain. His attributes are a bit similar to Stocker I know but they're both well rounded. Ceballos also has a very good mental attributes, but he lacks in marking and tackling. Valued at 32m now! He only cost me 6-8m.



my Croatian wonders. They're good, but Damir is small and Matija could easily be replaced with a better keeper.




Here's Jayden Walker. He's been very unlucky I haven't used him more. The fact is I've managed to loan him out to big teams for a good value and his salary is too high. Also, he's older than the others. However, I've decided to recall him in january and use him more. His pace, dribbling, strength and heading could be a value for this team. What you will notice is that Ondrej and Jayden Walker are like twins. They're such similar strikers, both have pace and dribbling but lacking in first touch.




Here's my right Wing back. Only 20 year old and a wonderkid by now. He has been proper sh*t for me to be honest. His technical attributes are just not premier league level. I just cant find anyone who I want to sign to replace him. Huet wasn't that expensive and has potential. But his attributes are lacking in too many areas, while they are good in other areas. But for him to lack in technical department as well as off the ball and vision just means he isn't a factor in attacking. Tackling and marking isn't good either but physical attributes are very good. I'm hoping I can find a new wing back next summer. I dont care how much he'll cost me. Wing backs are crucial in this formation for me. I missed on Clayton and I was really hoping for Adjapong to join. So i'm hoping that Huet just needs time and he will get better as he is a wonderkid but this season is avr is 6.65 and zero goals and zero assists. Meanwhile Moses Odubajo (who actually was just a CCC wing back) is the starting wing back atm and Ludwig is performing MILES better than Huet.






Youth intake:

I've invested heavily into youth. Youth intake last season wasn't that good. Akeem Straker was the only promising one. Only being 15 and already with some great attributes for ball winning mid I reckon he could be something



Here's a few screenshots from the game:






The Others:

Stuart: Now at West Ham. He had to sell and sort out his team financially. He's done that but he might need his team to gel. I think his 1st full season with West Ham might not be so great but I reckon we'll see progress on next season for him. 

Andy:  Now at Stoke. He has made some good signings, beating me to Clayton the brazilian full back and Paulo Jose the brazilian centre back. I reckon his first full season will be time for him to adjust but give him 2 more transfer windows and he'll be challenging for Europe League.

Ali: Starting his 2nd season in the premier league he was expected to have to deal with the 2nd season syndrome and Europe League syndrome. At the moment he's finding himself in relegation zone but he's topping his Europe League group. Ali is my main rival currently. I played him twice last season in the mighty Carabao cup and lost in the replay and I drew him again in FA cup this season and lost to him again. I'm not exactly crying him a river seeing him in relegation :D

Sean:  Currently at Fulham. Sean has done brilliantly to go from League 1 to Premier League in his first 2 full seasons with Fulham. He will be in tough relegation battle this season. However, he's been doing well in premier league so far and he wont be relegated.

Mike: Currently without a job. Mike managed to get Mansfield promoted to CCC from L2. Then he went to Blackburn in L2. He has resigned from and he's without a job. You know I never understood why he resigned from Mansfield

Scotty: Currently at Blackpool.



Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 13.38.34.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 13.38.59.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 13.39.09.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 13.39.22.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 13.20.56.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 13.21.54.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 13.22.06.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 13.22.32.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 13.24.26.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 13.24.45.png

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The winter window has finished and Stoke have surpassed all expectations so far, the team sit in fifth spot joint on points with Chelsea and seven points behind fellow human Johannes. Its definitely a good start but there still a lot of hard work too come if I am to finish in a European slot which was what I described at the start of the season as being the most I could possibly hope for.


 I have managed to secure the signing if another top player from Brazil this window, finally Marlucio Costa has put pen to paper after I tried in the summer window he wasn't interested in discussing a contract but after the early season success I paid his release fee of only 9.25 million and he's already worth nearly 30. I had too fight off late interest from Johannes but after going through the same thing with Paulo Jose and Clayton I was ready to do battle. Costa has excellent attributes and looks like a proper superstar in the making he is a good age and has lots of room to improve.


The Team has got a real good look and feel about it now, I have 2 players for every position and with all my players fit I think I can cause problems for even the top teams in this league. I am still sticking with a 442 but I have the players to modify it in game depending on certain situations my wingers cam play RM or AMR my midfielders can play CM or DMC so I have a lot of flexibility.


  Pedro Marques has played himself into the No 1 striker position I invested 25 million pounds when buying this striker but he's worth 30 now and he's at a good age being only 25 he's pacey and a good finisher with the ability off running in behind a defence,  Rudler has put the hard work in so far this season and is performing as well as any striker in the league his attributes don't look that impressive but he gets on the end of crosses well and hardly ever puts in a poor performance. New signing Costa will have to move Rudler out of the way to get a starting slot but the competition for places is good for the team and I'm excited to see how far these strikers can take the team.


Theres a lot of power in my midfield and to be honest its still a work in progress I have moved on players like Imbula and Deondonker who were the wrong side of 30 and replaced them with younger but similar alternatives. Sturaro has been immense for the team and is at an age were I would normally shift him on but he has kept his place and is one of the first names on the team sheet. Weston Mckenzie has come in for a bargain fee off 6.5 million from Man City and is a great playmaker in the middle of the park he can switch the ball to the flanks and pick a pass really well setting up attacks for the faster players. Gonzalez on the left and villalba on the right are my attacking wide men and Brady and De Paul the more defensive options all are excellent crossers of the ball and hard working fitting my system well. De Paul will probably be sold in the summer window and I will need a new CM too but I'm hoping De Mooij will come back from his loan spell a much improved player and Bogoda has so much potential its scary I think he can be better than Sturaro and go on to captain the team if he stays long enough.


Josh Tymon at left back is real quality I've had too fight off Chelsea and Everton all summer and winter for him and I've also had to promise him European football or he wants to leave in the next window. I sold my other left back to Stu for 25 million in the summer and it was a straight shot which one I sold but I definitely picked the right one too keep especially after giving my old player Neil Stewart a torrid time in my last game against Stu. Paulo Jose is tremendous he's fast and tough in the tackle, he can pass the ball and gets his head on crosses a great all round centre back, I said it in my last post he is going to be very hard to keep a hold off in the summer window. Kevin Wimmer and Nathen Ake share the job of partnering Jose both are good but Ake edges it for me, he brings the ball out from the back well helping me counter teams quickly. My Right back is another who is going to be very hard too keep a hold off Clayton had a rocky first few games but he gets better every single game my coaches love him and he has green arrows all over the place. I have him on a nice long contract and il be looking to renew it sooner rather than later and get him on the kind of money he deserves. My goalkeeper has had  a great season he is the under 21 keeper for the national team now and looks to be improving all the time. he is only 21 and I did look really hard at Mile Silvar from Benfica in the summer but I have put my faith on his young shoulders and he hasn't let me down.


So its been a good season so far and I'm really happy with the team I have plenty of room in the wage budget to pull off a miracle in the free transfer market if I can achieve a high enough finish in the league but id settle for 5th place right now and European football  too look forward to next year.



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On ‎16‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 13:46, FFCStu1428 said:

Stuart - Sacked by Notts county


Its a season i will want to forget about but there is little chance of it. Like always there is Drama when it comes to football manager season. We had a really good summer window, with some good loans and a couple of frees, Carlton Cole was going great for me. signed on a free and on a 1 year deal he was quite the find, 10 goals before we got to jan i was really happy with him, I also signed Stephens Humphrys on loan from fulham. Being a Fulham fan i know all about this young lad and what a handful he could be in league 2, He was going great with 5 goals in 8 games then got a bad injury that had him out till christmas. It was a season changer for me as before that i was sitting 3rd in the league. After that things got harder, with me losing players to injurys week in week out, at once stage i had 8 1st team players out, tho i still went to cambridge and won 1-0 in there own back yard with a team of kids and old men. When we finish for the week i was sitting in 8th place and 2 points off the playoffs, i was looking good. 


Manager injury 

After leading County to 8th i took myself and my Mrs out on sunday to watch the derby games, after a good day i headed to bed early so i would be fresh for mondays session. Half way though the night my sciatic nerve pinched and i ended up in hosptial till Wednesday. After telling the clan members what went on i somehow sat in front of the screen and play the session. It was to be my downful, Being on very powerful pain killers and the dreaded morphine i wasn't able focus on the games at all, i went from 8th to 18th in less than 3 hours and was sacked, i handed over host dutys till Sean and he saw the season out for me, i went to bed wednesday and i woke up friday. 


Road to Recovery 


As i write this i am happy to say that i am off the morphine but will be laid for sometime. This is great news for the rest of the lads cos they know ill be about most of the time. I will be back in charge of the game Sunday where we will be having a extra session and i will let you all know what my new team will be. 


So thats my season, i hope for a mid table no drama finish next season. Till next time 

That old chestnut, if i had a pound for every time i heard that excuse.......



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