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Game Freezes When I Change Tactics After A Goal

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Every time I make tactical changes when I score a goal (after the goal, before the replay) and hit the ok button the game freezes forever. I've updated the game to 18.1.3 and removed any graphics loaded in the game and still the bug persists. Sometimes this freeze resloves automatically after 5-10 mins.  I don't want to close the game and play a match again as I feel this is a form of cheating especially when I'm losing.

Here's a screenshot of the freeze.


Football Manager 2018.jpg

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Thanks for raising this. It is something we now passed on and is under review with our Dev team.

Unfortunately, it looks like you will need to close the game and play the match again. Don't worry though, we don't think you are cheating!

Apologies for the inconvenience but for now, we would suggest not trying to make tactical changes instantly after the goal/before the replay.

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