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Rethink of the set piece creator

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The set piece creator, is really a slog to work through especially with the multiple types of free kick set pieces. Further the set pieces do not intelligently carry over when a formation is modified or substitutions are made. (I moved a player from CM to DM, and the whole set piece gets discarded.). Other than that i have noticed a mysterious tendency to end up with two people marking the posts, and i suspect duplication of other roles.(probably because a subbed on player , has a different role from the subbed off one.)


I would like to propose an alternate way of setting up set piece tactics. This is two fold.

1. Player set piece roles - I should be able to just set the preferred roles for a player in different set pieces , this a priority ordered list. (and importantly is not tied to the formation and tactic)

for eg.

For a tall slow player with good marking For defensive corners-> Man Mark Tall player, Man Mark Small Player, Go Back

For an playmaker in Attacking corners -> Offer short option,  lurk outside box, stay back.


2. When creating a set peice,  I should just be able to specify the set piece roles. This is the same as the current UI, except i would not specify the specific player.i.e. i would say 1 player disrupt wall and not DL disrupt wall.  (this too is not tied to the formation and tactic, though i could assign a specific set piece tactic to a specific formation/tactic.)

For eg.  Attacking Free Kick indirect

 2 players go forward.

 2 stand with taker

 1 disrupt wall


At the time of the set piece in match, the players would arrange themselves according to their preferred roles and the players needed for the set piece tactic. (Perhaps aided by decisions attribute and the leadership of the team leaders/communication of the GK.)


This approach would let the set pieces work with multiple formations, and allow setup of multiple set-pieces not tied to the tactic. This could be even be expanded to analytics and stats specific to each set piece setup.  



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Should have preferred moves for set pieces .. ex: hit fault with effect, by coverage, under the wall ...

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