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3d engine hair styles

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Saying in advance that I love FM and that SI is making a great job, I honestly don´t understand why SI does not put the focus in in-game 3d player representation as much as with other kind of details which are itended for the same goal:  players feeling that they´re managing a real life team.

Just with adding different haircuts and face hair styles(beard etc..) in the 3d engine will make the 3d representation way closer to real life and way more inmersive

Just an example with real madrid players:

Carvajal: Shaven head and beard

Marcelo: Afro hair

Modric: Long hair

Isco: Beard

Bale: pony tail

Benzema: Shaven head

I think the changes are not so big(I am no asking by any means PES or FIFA fidelity) and it will help to differenciate between players in the match engine


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So how is a beard a licence issue??? Not as if SI will scan his face or anything. So Isco having a beard is copyright?? Bale having a ponytail also??? Like I said, its not their real face in the ME.

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