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Pablo Sanchez

playable vs view only leagues

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This has probably been asked 1 million times but what exaclty is the difference? 


Is there any benefit on having view only over not having it at all ? Do clubs from view only leagues still attempt to buy players etc?

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View Only reduce the "cost" of that league in overall processing time and it reduce the number of players in the database from that league, compared to having it fully loaded.


It's more costly to have a view only league, than not having it and any players loaded at all.

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Okay, have a look on what other people had said on the matter:

This (I highlighted the conclusion, taken from this):

On 11/7/2009 at 20:18, Amaroq said:

No. There's a huge difference in processing speed between "View Only" and "Playable".

In a league which is completely off, there are no fixtures, you cannot see a league table, clubs' AI is fairly inactive/passive, and promotion/relegation/European spots are done purely by reputation. What you'll notice in a long-term game is basically the same four clubs qualifying for the Champions League over and over, though if you pay close attention to their first-round C.L. match, you can figure out who finished 1st/2nd, who was 3rd, and who was 4th, and that will change occasionally based on their C.L. wins/losses. On a "Small" database, regens are fairly uncommon.

In a league which is "View Only", there are fixtures, however, each match is resolved super-quickly based primarily on the clubs' reputation. Therefore, you can see a league table, and promotion/relegation/European spots are done by table, so you'll see a bit more variation. The clubs' AI is still fairly inactive/passive, which means that the top clubs eventually "fall behind" the top clubs in your Playable nations. On a "Small" database, regens are fairly uncommon.

In a league which is "Playable", but on low detail, there are fixtures, and each match is resolved based on the quality of the players involved .. but the full match is not simulated, so it is of average quickness; you can't watch match highlights. You can see a league table, and promotion/relegation/European spots are done by table. The clubs' AI is now active/aggressive, which keeps the top clubs in line with the top clubs in other nations. Regens are created annually for every club just as they are for yours.

In a league which is "Playable" and on "Full Detail", such as the league your club is in, there are fixtures and each match is resolved in every-touch-of-the-ball detail, which is extremely slow. It does give you the ability to watch highlights or even full matches, and of course there's a league table and proper promotion/relegation/European spots. The clubs' AI is active/aggressive, and regens are created annually for every club.

. . .

So, setting a league on "View Only" gives you a marginally better experience, with more variation in the promotion/relegation/European spots. It doesn't really make the league into an active league, but it isn't going to cost you much processing time, either.

Because of the difference in A.I. strength, I like to set the top divisions of the big-five European nations to "Active" so that I know that, no matter where I'm managing, the Barcelonas, Bayerns, Milans and Chelseas of the world are going to be epically tough matches. The regens keep the international sides competitive, too. Plus, you can always take a job in one of those top leagues if you get bored of the league you're in - the game will automatically set it to "Full Detail" when you transfer into it. I also like to have the top divisions of Argentina and Brazil and active, which tends to give South America much better regens.

Of course, that does slow my game down, so its a balancing act between realism and processing speed.

Since Amaroq's quote is from 2009, I'm not 100% sure if it applies in FM18, and if yes, if all parts of it.

This also (taken from this):

On 12/24/2015 at 22:13, Seb Wassell said:

A playable league with detail level set to none will use the Quick Match Engine. This simulates the match using a wide variety of factors; you would see as a realistic table as you might through using the Full Match Engine (obviously upsets and anomalies are possible in both!). This alone would not weaken a league.

Transfers are not affected by detail level, but rather the Playable/View Only options.



This also (taken from this):

On 11/7/2016 at 10:42, KUBI said:

The main impact on game speed is not the amount of leagues you are loading, it's how the game simulate this leagues. Full detail slows the game, because all fixtures are calculated with a match report. If you add 100 leagues and selecting NONE in the detail level, the game will be faster as a game with 20 leagues and all in full detail.

It's the same with adding leagues as playable or not. Adding leagues as view only has no impact on the size of the db, while adding a league as playable loads the majority of players and staff from those league.

It's all about finding the right combination with leagues and detail level for your computer. It's a myth that the bigger the db the more realistic the game play. 

If you were wondering about player development in Playable, View-Only and leagues that are Off, have a look at this quote (taken from this):

On 11/23/2017 at 14:43, Seb Wassell said:

Yes, development should be equal across playable and non-playable leagues. Of course with the new newer progression model there is still the chance for plenty of randomness here which will mean variation between the two no matter the set up.

Have a look on these topics, more questions are answered there.

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I loaded the big 5 leagues as playable and the remaining as view only and players from top clubs for each continent. Will regens/newgens be generated for viewonly nations ?

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The game tries to keep a balance of nationalities within the game, so if the players in the game are (pulling numbers out of thin air): European - 80%, African - 5%, South American - 10%, Asian - 3%, Oceanian - 2%... then the game will generally try to generate newgens to keep that proportion over time.

So yes, the game will generate newgens for view only nations.

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