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Assigning coaches (England) -- 1st team / U23 / U18

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So, have I got this straight?

Coaching assignments for the U23 players and 1st team is one and the same.

  • U18 coaches can only coach the U18 players
  • U23 coaches can coach 1st team, U23 and U18
  • 1st team coaches can coach 1st team and U23.
  • Exception: Fitness coaches, goalkeeping coaches, and myself as a manager can coach 1st team, U23 and U18.

It seems putting a fitness or GK coach to coach both the 1st team and U23 group, and also the U18 group, has no negative impact on the star rating they give either group. Does this really have no impact, or should I not use my 1st/U23 fitness/GK coaches for the U18s?

So, what is the difference then between a 1st team coach and an U23 coach? (Apart from the U23 being able to coach the U18s as well).


Regarding the workload part, I usually assign my poorest coaches to every category to help out on the workload - ridiculous really, but seems to work?

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