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Neil Brock

READ BEFORE POSTING - I’ve got a problem with FM – what can I do?

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Before creating a thread, we very much suggest checking our FAQ first. Our first point of call on any new thread will likely to be point you at this, so to save you time, check it.

Depending on your specific issue, we have a number of detailed troubleshooting guides to get you up and running:

Game crashing on Launchhttps://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/i’ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-on-launching-the-game-r433/

Game Crashing Randomlyhttps://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/i’ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-message-at-random-points-within-the-game-r438/

Game crashing during or when entering/exiting matches – https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/ive-encountered-a-crash-during-or-entering-a-match-r459/

XML Errors on Launch – https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/i-receive-an-xml-error-on-game-launch-r455/

Memory Crash/Errors - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/i%E2%80%99ve-encountered-a-message-stating-the-game-has-run-out-of-memory-r440/

For all other issues, please go to the Main PC Tech Section of the FAQ and search for your specific topic. If you don’t feel your topic is covered, please create your own thread within this forum. 

We ask all users to create their OWN THREADS as this way we can make sure everyone is responded to individually and no wires are crossed in regards to any information requested or provided. 

Many thanks. 

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