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On this years edition of FM i have chosen Sevilla, mainly due to the fantastic defence, creative and solid midfield and terrifyingly quick forwards. 3-4-3 was the tactic i would be implementing, not at first but after evaluating the squad i realised that the players fit into the system i was looking to build towards.


The tactic says 343 direct however ignore the direct part,  i was trying to play direct football as i thought the 3 at the back would be exposed if i played a possession game but that is not the case. Balance is key for me as i wan't to keep a hold of the ball but with a purpose of getting to and overloadind the the last third.


Defensively, the players are solid, Kjaer is the key role. Because the wingbacks will be so high up the pitch i have the right and left defenders on the cover duty as i want them to cover that space when we lose possession and are susceptible to a counter. It is working and the goals i have conceded so far have all been set pieces. Back to Kjaer - putting him on the stopper duty makes him push up and cover the space between defence and midfield and it it is working as planned. 


Here is the tactic-




Examples from a 4-1 beating of an in form sociedad-



In the shot below you can see how we squeeze up into the last third and the marauding wing backs provide all of the width which is what you want in a 3-4-3 but you can also see how the back three cover the centre of the pitch.



Below you can see the defence, kjaer doing what he does, that is his role in this tactic as his tackling and mentals are through the roof, he done this multiples times in the match and stopped a pass out to the wings. To get through to kjaer the opposition have to get past the solid midfield pairing of nzonzi and pizarro. You can also see that the wingbacks keep the wing in check. At times it does look like a back 4 in the match as kjaer is patrolling and cleaning that dm area.


The main reason i use the narrow shape in the TI is to funnel the ball to the wings and to make it the defending easier for the midfield and kjaer by compressing the space. If they have to cover a lot area i don't think it will be as effective.







As the figure shows, a lot of the key passes are towards the side of the pitch, with hardly any through balls - i have played with through balls as the strikers are rapid with high of the balls stats but it has not worked as well as i hoped. Tinkering to hopefully make it effective but as of now i am not using that TI.


The midfield of nzonzi, pizarro, banega and correa control the games, especially the first 3. The technical skill and movement keep the ball moving and they dictate the tempo of the game, you can see the passing triangles they create and it can unlock a defence,




The team is really well balanced and i will update this post when i get to christmas as i have some really tough games coming up especially in the champions league, will be a big test to see how the system deals with spurs.


Also any sort of constructive criticism on 3-4-3 formations, useful tips anything at all to make this system better would be very welcome. 



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It seems as though you know what you want your team to do which is the majority of the work done, are there any specific issues? If it's working then looking for general advice probably isn't worthwhile as you'll get contradicting opinions.

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Great point, the first few competitive games i had issues with the attack, not getting clear cut chances, mainly due to that i was playing with two strikers rather than the two am's now. The team is linking up better. But it looks like i have hopefully sorted the issues during the benfica game when i switched to the box. 


I will come back with an update tomorrow and if any, issues you guys can hopefully help me understand to solve it.

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