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Add Manager Man playing history

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It would be nice to be able to add history to your playing career. Today, you can only say what experience you've had as a player, but how cool would it be to be able to name the clubs you've played for (and maybe for how many seasons and what status did you have there, e.g. "Highly influential player at A.C. Milan for 12 seasons")? This would make your profile more dynamic in the media:

  • Let's imagine you're managing Anderlecht, and are playing a Champions League game away on Old Trafford, where you've spent 4 years of your career – the media and the fans could pick up on that
  • You could have a list of trophies won as a player (played for Porto between 2003-2005? You've got five trophies!) – more to come on where else this could help later
  • Retired from Barcelona in 2016 after playing there for 6 years, and then you take over PSG in your first managerial role and sign Messi? The press could pick up on your past relationship and ask how you are going to manage a former teammate
  • Have you played under Mourinho at Inter, and are now in charge of Southampton and will play away at Old Trafford? I can only imagine the media opportunities there.

I envision it working this way:

  1. When you create your profile, you have a section where you can add teams you've played for since you were 15 and until retirement
  2. You can add clubs, specify the period you've played there, and perhaps your status. Example:
    •  Influential player at Everton between 1978-1985
    • Team Leader at Celtic between 1985-1996
    • Influential player at West Brom between 1996-2003
      • On loan at Crystal Palace between 2000-2001
  3. Add retirement date

I don't know the usability of it, haven't thought it through. But I'd love to have something similar to this, no matter how simplistic. Saying you're a former "International Footballer" (or whatever it is called today) doesn't cut it anymore. What does that even mean? 

Other scenarios

This could also help when you take over a club in your first job(s). Maybe you're a former Juventus legend, with a bag of trophies under your belt. Surely your new relegation-battling Huddersfield squad will be more likely to follow you and accept you as a manager quickly than if you've played for Gent your whole career?

Or maybe you've played your whole career for Bayern. Then Dortmund and Schalke will be much less likely to offer you a job there.

You're born in Hungary, but played football in Italy and England? Now FINALLY, when taking over Chelsea, the press won't ask if it's an impediment that you don't speak the language. You do, because you've played there!


I can keep going...

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Really good idea that. It could also be interesting to allow the game to generate a history for you to randomise things a bit. I think it would lead to more press questions on how you feel about your 'old' team's performance, or going up against them with your new team which would freshen that area of the game up a little as well.

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