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[FM18] South Korean Pyramid

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     K3_League.png  U-League.png


In it's 5th (I think) iteration this file expands the Korean League system to beyond the professional K-League.


Leagues added

National League (Semi-pro tier 3)
K3 Advanced (Amateur tier 4)
K3 Basic (Amateur tier 5)
U-League (Amateur secondary division non-playable)

Cups added

National League Cup (tier 3 teams only)
Regional cups (tier 3-5)
National Sports Festival (tier 3-5)

Other changes

Updated competion histories for all leagues & cups
Histories for historical cups/leagues (e.g. FA cup precursors and pre professional era top flight)
National League staff/player rosters updated for current season
Competition histories for all playable teams
Club colours updated/added
Updated player histories + ability changes
All cities added plus changes to existing ones
Updates to current stadia plus new ones added
Adjustment to transfer preferences

Potential inclusions

Local amateur leagues

What's not included

High School competitions

Compatibility issues

Competitions/clubs that need to be added are added using existing in game assets with nothing attached to them so file should be compatible with anything that creates new UID's for either of these. No persons have been added by me so will work fine with any file that does so.

Suggested files

This file pairs very well with the excellent Japanese pyramid/database by FOSS which can be found here here






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First post updated with a preview version of the file. As stated this is not intended to be playable but is being released to preview the file plus test it.


Also if anyone is able to read Hangul please PM me as I have some stuff I need to translate and google translate isn't playing nice with the data.

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Small update. File should be out within the next week or so once I iron out a few small isolated issues I'm having and are being worked on at the moment.

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Small update to say this project isn't dead.  Currently experimenting with promotion and relegation between the K League and the leagues below it. Makes the file now fantasy but realistic enough as it roughly falls in line with KFA proposals/plan to have a fully functioning pyramid from professional to amateur.

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