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Back to Glory I: Der Glubb



"Der Glubb is a Depp!" (The Club's an idiot!)
- Klaus Schamberger

I won't bore you with the whole history of "the club". But you should know that they held the record of most German championships won for over 60 years up until 1987!

Their success goes a long way back. They won 8 of their 9 championships before the Bundesliga was the top flight in Germany. They only won the Bundesliga once. That was in 1968.

derwahreglubb174_murphyslaw.jpgBut they also hold other records as well...

They're the only team that ever got relegated as reigning champions! That was back in 1969.

But don't worry, they managed to get relegated in 2008 as reigning German cup winners too!


Since 2014/15 they're stuck in the 2. Bundesliga.


I think it's time to change that!

It's time to get them back to their former glory as one of (if not THE) leading club in Germany. It's going to be a long and bumpy road...





My Goals

  • Get promoted to the Bundesliga
  • Fight off Relegation!
  • Win the Bundesliga
  • Don't get relegated as reigning champions!
  • Get into Europe
  • Eventually, win the Champions League
  • And do it all with the clubs own youth intake!


Let's see how we'll do...

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reserved for statistics

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2017 / 2018 Preview


Main Squad:



Under 21s:


Under 19s:





Media Prediction


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