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[FM18] The Saturday Fantasy Draft Cup - Season 1.

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Welcome to The Saturday Fantasy Draft Cup - Season 1.




The first season of The Saturday Fantasy Draft Cup will be played 25-11-2015. 19.30 CET – Central European Time. Lobby will be open 19.00
The tournament will be running for 20 season. The finale season will be played as a league with only the 6 best overall player.
There are prices for the 4 best players- prices will be annouce later on.

The Draft Round time limit will be set om 1 minute, so it would be a good idea to have a pre made shortlist.
Games will be played as two-legged ties.
The squad budget will be variable, but for the first season it will be set at the maximum - €561M

Point system is as follow:
1st    - 25p
2rd    - 20p
3-4    - 15p
5-8    - 10p
9-16   - 5p
17-32 - 1p

Sign up for the next season in this thread, and you will recieve the password to enter the cup as a private message. 

Also if you would like, please introduce yourself and you team.





1. Erotic Fish Cake (Consiglieri) - Gladiators F.C. - 0p.


Participant for season 1.

Erotic Fish Cake (Consiglieri) - Gladiators F.C.


Team Presentation:

Gladiators F.C. 


Owner: Erotic Fish Cake (Consiglieri)
Nationalty: Danish
Age: 36
Football manager experience: Played every game since Championship Manager 1995
Favorit Club: Juventus, FC Copenhagen.
All Time favorit FM player: Maxim Tsigalko

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