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Graphics Quality: Indifferent

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Most of my matches suffer from a persistent freeze-framing effect, with a bit of a lag in the movement. 

This happens regardless of the setting: I've tried everything from "Low" (and even "Off") to "Very High".  Curiously, the freeze-framing effect isn't any better or any worse, with different settings.

Sometimes my matches run beautifully. So, I don't think it's my laptop specs: ASUS RoG 750JW: Intel i7 2.4Gh, 16 RAM, GeForce GTX 765m 

Any help, suggestions please?

Regards from Chicago.


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I suggest that you open a thread in the Crashes sub forum of the main FM 18 Bugs forum and enclose a Dxdiag report and the SI staff will have a look.

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