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4-3-3 CG1

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I've not posted a tactic before, however thought I'd share this as I'm getting great results on my Celtic save, and not just domestically but in the Champions League too (Semi final twice and playing Liverpool and Arsenal off the park in consecutive seasons along the way).

Have tested in for 3 seasons, 2 without defeat domestically and 1 season where I lost once (2 games from the end of the season vs Rangers).

It's producing some really great free flowing attacking football, and conceding very few goals once familiar. It has various aspects borrowed from some old FM17 Tactics I had used in the past.





General Training I have it set to Team Cohesion / Very High (for pre-season and throughout the season dropping the Intensity level down during busy periods).

Match Preparation is set to Match Tactics again for pre-season and during the season.

Opposition instructions is left to the Assistant Manager.

Tactical briefings is also left to the Assistant Manager.


If anyone tries it, please let me know how you get on - and if you find any way to improve it. 

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