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[FM18] Skinning & Graphics Knowledge Base

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Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager Touch 2018 - Skinning, Modding and Graphics Knowledge Base

Welcome to the latest version of the Skinning Bible which has been newly rechristened the Skinning, Modding & Graphics Knowledge Base.

This thread should over time contain links to the most important and useful threads in this subforum, however what I have also been doing over the last few years is tagging any interesting or informative threads with a skinning tag, so whilst I try and build up the content in this thread if you cannot see the answer to your question here or you are just starting out skinning then have a browse through the forum and open up any of the thread with a skinning tag which should give you some useful if random bits of skinning knowledge.

Like in the past this thread will be split into several parts;

How To Create Football Manager Graphics Guides

Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guides

Links to Useful Threads

Whilst I am in the process of checking and updating the various guides you can find some useful information for FM18 in the below threads;

FM18 Skinning & Graphical Changes

FM18 Skinning/Graphics Information

If you have any comments or suggestions on the layout or spot a useful thread that has been missed please use the suggestions thread here

If you want the FM2017 thread then see this thread.

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How To Create Graphics for Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager Touch 2018



1. How To Create A Config File

2. How To Create Standard Football Manager Logos

3. How To Create Player Faces

4. How to Create 3D Kits for FM2018

Please Note that these are still the FM2011 guides, however the basics details still apply (and might even one day get updated :rolleyes:).

After you have created your graphics please follow the Graphics & Skin Installation Guide thread to get your newly created graphics into the game.

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Added 3D Kits Guide

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How To Create Skins for Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager Touch 2018

Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide

The following guides will talk you through the basics of creating a skin, and whilst they were written for FM2015, the basic information still applies and should be enough to get you started, though I am in the process of updating them for FM18 (yes really this time).

Also note that whilst Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager Touch 2018 are now separate games the information applies to both of them, you just need to remember if you are using the Touch Mode to make sure you are editing the Touch files and putting them where the Touch Mode is looking, also some of the file locations may have changed so you might need to go looking for some of them.

Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide Part 1: How to Extract Default Files & Understanding File Structure
Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide Part 2: The Basics
Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide Part 3: Changing the Font Settings


Football Manager 2015 Skinning Guide Part 3: Changing the Text Colours

Football Manager 2015 Skinning Guide Part 4: Editing the Skin Graphics

Football Manager 2015 Skinning Guide Part 5: Editing the xml files


Football Manager 2018 Skinning Resources/Mods for Skinners

The following links provide instructions on how to modify certain screens, these links are primarily for skin makers as applying the mods requires you to edit the files, though end-users can still use them you'll just have to create the finished files from the instructions yourself rather than having a ready to use file to download.

I've also linked to some Guides from FM15-FM17 as the basic information in those guides should still apply, though you won't be able to just download the linked files for FM2018 as some of the coding will have changed as will some of the file locations but they should be enough to get you started.


Football Manager 2018 Skinning Mods for End-users and Skinners.

The following links provide mods for end-users, these are files that just need downloading and putting in the correct location with next to no editing of files needed by the end-user. If you are creating a skin then you can still include the mods with your skin if you get the permission of the mod creator.

[GUIDE] How to Locate or Move Your User Data Location

[FM18][SKIN] Football Manager 2018 Base Skins

How to Add a Manager Picture

[FM18][MOD] Match Day Backgrounds Mod
[FM18][MOD] Match Review Screen Mods
[FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod
[FM18][MOD] Competition Review Screen Mod

[FM18] Player tutoring panel

[FM18] Player Profile Popup Analyser Mod

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Links to Useful Threads for Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager Touch 2018

Below are links to threads that contain useful information for Football Manager 2018, note that these threads are not guides so it is best to read the entire thread first as the information may be spread throughout the thread. I've also includes some useful threads from FM2015-FM2017 in the below post, again you may need to modify some of the information in the older threads but the information in them should give you a starting place, though I haven't had chance to check them for FM18 yet.

Football Manager 2018 Threads

Remove Role Suitability from Tactics Pitch, Recolour Scouting Card Items and Remove Scrollbars from Comparison Screen
Club Overview Panel Modding Thread
Recolour the Titlebar
How to Remove the All Caps Font Setting in the Headers
How To Change the Team Talk Background
Changing Role Suitability back to FM17 wheel
How to Add FMT style boxes behind the attributes
Resize Player Picture on Player Overview Screen
Edit the Competition Overview Screen
Recolour Player Instructions Mentality Box
Sidebar - Next Match Icon Location
Default In-Between Highlights Panel - Resize Kits
Editing Pre-Match Line ups Screen
How to Adjust the Match Pitch Position
Match Stats Panel - Resize Text  
Player Role Rating Graphic Location
Touch Mode - Remove Attribute Boxes
Scout Report Pro/Con Icon Colours
Hide Attribute Values, Change Comparison colours, Change Comparison Default Screen
2D Pitch Match Ball Location

Inbox - Colour Names for various items
Scout Report - Recolour Knowledge Box Background
Tactics Screen - Change Text Sizes
Player Overview Screen - Remove circle behind logos, use Flag for Nationality
Match Title bar - Set team names side by side, set team names to fixed colour, extend logos behind names

Icon Location - Inj, Wnt, Unh, Int, Sus
Base Skins - Change Default Background Image
Match Screen - Quick Tactics Panel change icons
Competition History Screen - Recolour the text in the columns
Tactics Screen - Add Past Meetings Panel back
Squad Dynamics Panel Location
Processing Box Popup Location
Nation Small Flag - Set whether to display text, full country name or three letter name
Titlebar - Change Font used in Title
Add Inbox Icon to the Header
Team Talk Panel - Resize the reaction panel
News Item - Post Match Analysis, edit Green Box colour
Match Tactics Panel - Change Green colour, reorient pitch
Edit Colours in the Graphs
Tactics Screen - Player Instructions - Recolour Green Box
Recolour Help Icons
Manager Profile - Edit panel heights
Player Info Popup Panel - Add Attribute Analyzer
Tactics Screen - Recolour Overlay Icons
Titlebar - Increase its height
Match Screen - Resize the commentary box and text size
Recolour Training performance arrows



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added new links - up to date :)

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Links to Useful Threads from Previous Versions

Below are links to threads that contain useful information from previous versions of FM, again you may need to modify some of the information in the older threads but the information in them should give you a starting place, though I haven't had chance to check them for FM18 so some of the information may no longer apply.

Also if using code from previous versions make sure you read this thread first so you are aware of the changes you may need to make to older code to get it to work in FM2018:

Football Manager 2017 Threads

Get the AI Roles and Duties to Appear on the Formation Screens

Locations of various graphics - Team Comparison Page, Competitions Headers, Search Dropdown, Intro Panel Background

Replace Dutch and Gib National Logos

Recolour the Actionbar to Teams Secondary Colour

Add Competition and/or Background Logos to the Header

Get the Match Ratings to Recolour with Rating

Edit Competition Overview and League in Focus Screens

Adjust Row Heights on Tactics Screen and Intro Screen

Recolour the Table Rows

Recolour the 5 Last Games Bars

Recolour the Picking Boxes on the Tactics Screen & Location of Save Game Popup Box

Increase the transparency of the Inbox, Social Feed and News Screens

Change Pitch Orientation on Team Report -> Squad Depth Screen

Change Background Images on News Screen

Edit Text in Role/Duty box on Tactics Screen

Graphic location of Inbox -> Competition Expectations boxes

Increase Pitch on Inbox -> Team of Week Screen

Modify Zoomed Shirt Back Graphics, Squad Number and Name

Shirt Back Changes for FM17

Match Feed Box Location

Recolour Top Boxes on Player Comparison Screen

Editing the Continue button

Recolour the Player Box on the Match Preview Formation Panel

Match Commentary - Change the size of the Box and Text

2D Classic Pitch - Change the Text Size for the Players

Match Caption Box - Recolour the Yellow Text

Sidebar - Change Icon and Text Colour

Player/Team Instructions Popup - How to Resize it

Competition Stats - Recolour the player names for your side

Stadium Background - How to show an image of your Stadium in the Background

FM and Date Buttons in Header - Change colouring from Accent to style to old actual colour style

2D Classic Pitch - Resize the pitch

Inbox - Press Conference News Item

Player/Team Instructions Popup - Add Mentality Value to the Mentality bar

Licensed Images - How to Remove them so only the default generic images display

Football Manager 2016/2015 Threads

Career Achievements Change Colour

FM15 Skinning - Updated file locations

[FM15] Condition bar and remove circle percent in table

[FM15] Other Panels Mods

How to Edit the Stadium Overview Screen

How to Recolour the Blue Board Confidence, Knowledge Bars

How to Move the Match Incidents Popup (Caption Box)

Changing the Views available on the tactics screen

How to adjust the mail icon and colour on the sidebar

How to Replace the Effect on the 2D Keeper Shirt Back

[FM16][MOD] Kit Titlebar Colours Mod

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