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Hi Team

Hope you're well

Struggling with the full release for some reason now as the game repeatedly crashes when I come to a pre-season game (including the under 23's/18's) around June 23rd.

Message that popped up stated "please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and visit our technical support at...." 

Please see the crash dump file attached.

I had custom graphics (logos and facepacks) and editor data (I miss Podoloski) included on this.

However I have now (in order):

  • removed the custom graphics and editor data
  • confirmed that my laptop and graphics drivers are uptodate with no updates pending
  • made sure that Windows defender is on and no antivirus is interfering with Steam/Football Manager
  • uninstalled and reinstalled fm and deleted previous saves

Now the game repeatedly says it is not responding, which seems to have only happened since the full release....

I have run a Belarc report and DXDiag as it seems to have been recommended on other similar posts and attached these too.

Any support you guys can give would be much appreciated




FM 2018 v18.1.1.1040315 (2017.11.14 08.56.35).dmp

Belarc Advisor Computer Profile.html


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Just wondering, what made you delete the previous saves? As far as I'm aware all our documentation doesn't suggest to do this and it wouldn't fix any problem you may have, so just trying to figure out why you did so? If there is some aspect of our FAQ or information which may be slightly confusing would prefer to know so that people don't think this would be a solution. Thanks.

In regards to everything you've provided I appreciate the information. The crash you have is actually a code based issue, so if you could provide a save game just before this match is due to take place, please upload it to our FTP and confirm with us the file name and the in-game date it occurs.

If you have deleted this save, I believe the crash could well have been specifically related to the editor data which was added, so if you can please upload that to us as well we'll investigate.


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Hi Neil

Appreciate your response and you are right that there is nothing within the forum that states that saves should be deleted.

In my ignorance I thought this would be best to do to ensure a "clean" reinstall.

However your response still does not explain the cause behind FM18 taking so long to load and is "unresponsive"

So far it has taken over 10 minutes for the home page to load and after clicking "start new career" have been waiting for over 15 minutes now.

In this time I have run the task manager and taken a screenshot to show you how it appears as unresponsive whilst FM seems frozen and continues to take an age to load.

Is there anything from my previous post that would warrant these long load times (i.e. no interferences that I have missed)? - I appreciate it is a new system - but is this the only cause?

I will upload the save and editor data to the FTP once the game has loaded (eventually) and I can get to the point in the save it occurs.

Will then post name on here


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Okay the slowdown due to added editor files is something we're aware of and we're looking into. Apologies you've encountered it in your save. When we have any further info we'll let you know.


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