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I have taken on the challenge of starting a new career managing the Gibraltar National team. I have downloaded the SI Games Gibraltar league files from the Steam Workshop. I will post progress updates here, including YouTube videos.

The Setup: 



The Announcement:



Manager Profile:


Citizenship: Canadian

Reputation: National C Licence

Past Playing Experience: Sunday League Player

Languages Spoken: English, French, and Spanish


Current World Ranking: 205th



Goal: To improve the country's football ranking and to improve as a manager.


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Hi @sizzlingpopcornGood luck with this. 

I have a fair bit of experience managing in Gibraltar and you might find that in order to improve the fortunes of the National Team, you also need to first improve the fortunes of the Gibraltar league via club management. 

Anyway, good luck. :thup:

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What Jimbo said.  I'd be amazed if you got anyone through of quality enough to really climb the ranks by solely managing the National Team.  Not impossible of course, and I've seen people do well just by being good at the game, but it's definitely an easier process if you improve a club side alongside it.  And get all those lovely naturalised players that no other country wants.

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5 hours ago, Challenger said:

Has the static CL/Europa League qualification spots issue been fixed?

I assume so because it was just a 1 season thing that replicated reality I think. 

@sizzlingpopcornwill need to keep an eye on it though. In case you don't know, the number of European club positions given to (GIB) teams were set static last season so no matter how well anyone did, it was impossible to rise up the rankings, (or rather, if you rose up the rankings you were not rewarded with more/better European places for (GIB) club teams).

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After an embarrassing 4-0 lose to Bosnia & Herzegovina in World Cup European Qualifying in December, the Gibraltar Football Association decided to hire Jean Brunet as the national team's newest manager.

Gibraltar finds itself in 6th place in their World Cup Qualifying group, having lost all four games in 2016 without scoring a goal. The nation is currently ranked 205th in the FIFA World Rankings list.

Brunet will try to turn things around for the country and to improve their global reputation. His first test will be against Estonia in the FIFA World Cup European Qualifying Group match.


Episode 1 - World Cup European Qualifying vs Estonia


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