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[1.4.1] EHM - AI Waives Players Automatically

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This seems identical to the bug reported here except that it was written off as AI necessarily taking over to maintain cap compliance. I'd argue that the behavior is not expected and there's a bug here.

Basically, while in the playoffs, on April 30th, while I'm GM'ing (not on vacation) I see two news articles that my two backup defensemen were put on waivers. I was surprised as there was no prompt to alert me that roster management would be done by the AI/Asst GM. They were spare parts so I didn't care too much but 2 days later the AI waives two more players - 2 days later it waives another 2 players. All this is happening and the fact that I'm a mere $100,000 over the cap doesn't get recalculated on a day by day basis regardless of whether I assign players to the AHL, buyout contracts, etc.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Load save from TRaeCH Waiver EHM141.zip which was uploaded to ftp://ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-save/
2. Check 'Roster' for Montreal Canadiens and note that 2 players are on waivers
3. Sim 1 day to May 2nd, 2034. Both defensemen on waivers will clear
4. Sim through EC Semi FInal gm 2 to May 3rd

Observed behavior: Bjorn Fredrik Nassen and Tanner Roberts are placed automatically on waivers

Expected behavior: Nobody is automatically placed on waivers

Unsure if related but there's also some buggy behavior where offering a contract extension to pending Montreal Canadiens RFAs (such as Tanner Roberts and others) will indicate that the players need a qualifying offer but there is no defined qualifying offer amount on the contract negotiation screen.

Also unsure if related but if you select most players on the Montreal Canadiens roster (ex. Kane Reid, Dante Bowman, etc.) and view their 'Contract' screen, a $0 p/y contract shows for an extra season. 

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