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How many leagues do you have loaded?

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I have an epic computer and the game is still running quite slow / lagging on clicks etc.

I have the top league in Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Holland, Argentina and Brazil. As well as the EPL and championship. It's about 40,000 players loaded... 

I used to be able to load 120,000 without a problem on fm17.

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I have all leagues from England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Singapore, US, Australia, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Japan loaded and all leagues from the rest on view-only with a large database and it seems to be going along very speedily imo - to the point I'm considering adding more.

I have a decent machine but I'm not doing any overclocking or anything like that

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I have all leagues/countries loaded on playable with around 340k players (at least, when i started the save).
It does take a bit longer than previous versions but nothing that makes it a major problem for me.
The most noticable times are days and moments with a lot of transfer activity.

I do notice lag on clicks, unresponsiveness and long processing times on certain screens and match moments though.
Makes me think that this game can still be optimised a bit.

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