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I don't know whether this has been recorded previously, but praising and warning players within team analysis could be made less time consuming.

Firstly, before praising or warning my players, I would like to identify what they did particularly well or poorly. E.g. Did they pass well, create several assists, score many goals or was their defensive performances worth applauding or berating. The file-path seems far more protracted than previous FM's.

Click on recent game, analysis, match stats, click on team stats then interact with player. No problem thus far. Now after interacting  with one player, the game returns to the analysis screen. So now I need to re-click on match stats, team stats before I can interact with player.

I don't understand why SI implemented the interface to respond this way.  The user interface was great in FM17, smoother and more intuitive. While SI has gone to great lengths to resolve many problems within the beta, the user interface is not as good as FM17.  The interaction is more tedious and it didn't need be.


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