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Neil Brock

Bug Reporting Guidelines

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Welcome to the Football Manager 2018 Bugs Forum. Please take the time to read our Bug Reporting Guideline and learn the best way to raise an issue.

Here are the main bulletpoints for logging an issue:

  •           Be very clear what the issue is with the title and description
  •           Provide relevant save games to the FTP so we can reproduce the issue
  •           Always try to upload a pkm directly to the forum when reporting match engine issues

   How to raise the issue in the correct place with the correct information:

  •          Find the relevant place for your specific issue. If it’s a transfer related issue, then please use the Transfers and Contracts forum. If you’re unsure where the issue should go, please post it in ‘Other Gameplay Issues’ and if necessary we’ll move it to the correct forum.

Providing Save Games, PKMs, Screenshots and Crash Dumps for raised issues:

Making sure Save games are in the correct place:

  •           For most gameplay issues, such as transfers, news and conversations we generally need save games just prior to where the issue occurs.
  •           For User Interface related issues, you will need a save which shows the issue you are raising
  •           Please try and provide ‘before’ saves as close to the issue as possible. If it’s months or weeks before the issue happens, it’s likely going to be difficult for us to look into.

Describing your issue and making it clear to read:

  •           Please use a ‘dash’ as the start of each line to make your post appear clear and concise
  •           Ideally use the [Ctrl] and [Enter] buttons to use single line spacing between each line
  •           Make sure any save game or screenshot name appears clearly within the bug description

File naming conventions – Save Games:

  •           When you upload a file for us, please take the time to name it in a fashion which makes it easy to identify
  •           Please include your username within the file name for saves, ideally with a description of your game
  •           An example would be – NeilBrock_transfer_cancel.fm 

File naming conventions – Screenshots, PKMS and Crash Dumps

  •           For crash dumps, please add your username to the beginning of the crash dump name and leave the rest unchanged, e.g. -  NeilBrock_FM 2018 v18.0.0.853775 (2016.08.25 14.04.22).dmp
  •           For PKMs, please add the version number to the PKM, eg NeilBrock_8.0.1_Manchester City v Newcastle.pkm
  •           For Screenshots, ideally include your username and the issue within the save, eg NeilBrock_button_doesn't_work.jpg

Remember, if you need to ask whether an issue is a bug, it more than likely is. We don’t mind people bringing up really minor issues, so please no bug is too small. It’s worth doing a quick scan to check and see if someone has already raised the issue but please if you’re not sure, ALWAYS POST your issue.

Many thanks.

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