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I would like to suggest 3 possible ideas for Football manager:

First concerns tactics, I know that tactics depends of the team against but I think it could be a good idea to have the possibility to use some famous tactics from great coachs such as Michels (ajax), Cruyff (dream team), Guardiola (barcelona 2011, manchester city 2017) and name the tactics with the coach and the periodand others in addition of classic tactics as 433 or 442...

My  second suggestion concerns the possibility to cheat. It could be the possibility to dope players or bribe a referee with of course the possibility to be caught and suspended.

And my last suggestion concerns money which is not enough managed in the game. The salary you receive as manager can't be used, so it is the same thing if you receive 100 000€/month or 500 000€/month. According to me it is a lack in the game, an improvement could be for example to save money in order to buy a club and become president. Some task of the president could be the same as the manager in football manager, as hire or fire staff people, or validate or not transfer etc... but also some additional tasks which can be implemented such as for main task the budget control with the fixation of  the price of ticket or season ticket, negociation with sponsors, the possibility to upgrade the stadium, fire a player.





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