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Not of yours no, but I did take inspiration from many of your tactics.

I prefer 4-1-2-3 DM Wide as its called, or a Wingerless tactic, with Complete Wing Backs or Wing Backs. I like to stay as close to reality (even tho its hard to mimic in a FM game) as possible, which is also the reason, that I never went with a strikerless tactic in FM17.

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23 minutes ago, knap said:

Have you tried the Beta tactics. 

Still experimenting but a asymmetric looks good.

I am having a test run with the 4231 that Badger posted earlier up this thread, is that one of your tactics?

Do you have a .fmf version of the 451 (41221?) that Brasmuss mentions?

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I am using FMT atm but usually use AM for all training. This is from last year with regard to training


general training -TEAM COHESION HIGH 

scheduling 50% (no rest before-no rest after match)

match preparation = MATCH TACTICS


before the 1st game of the season 

general training -BALANCE AVERAGE

(no rest before -REST after match)

keep 50% match preparation MATCH TACTICS until 100% fluid,


after that the training should be like this

general training BALANCE AVERAGE

(no rest before- REST after match)

10 or 20 % ( i prefer 10%) match preparation (whatever you like, it depends from the opponent - except match tactics and teamwork , its pointless to use these because when you have 100% fluid your players have good understanding)

this till the end of the season , of course if you buy some players in January you drop the familiarity and you must again adjust the scheduling to 50% and match tactics

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On 11/15/2017 at 15:13, christrott79 said:

Yeh, 4 at the back, DM, 2 x CM 2 x IF/W & striker?

The tactics in the OP are all .tac files which no longer work on the full game?

 Can't find a link for this one :(

Am I missing something...

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You can win PL with Brighton original GOODBYE 3430, so I would try a SUS with this tactic.

Playing with a SUS is very interesting spin on tactics, and look forward to results

Edited by knap
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1 hour ago, Stremka said:

Mates! What's "try a SUS with this tactic"? Sorry for noob question ☺️

Just found this searching the forum:

Sus same tactic but with contain mentality and play safer and take a breather. With  back for I stop WB runs (defend) not found that is needed with a back 3.

If you are playing a park the bus team in 2nd half if not in front try defensive mentality with defence line pushed up to max.

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I only look at positions in this basic way, no flash roles. The roles just play around with the under the hood instructions. There is no way the Arsenal squad fit the 442.

It becomes a major problem scouting or fitting a tactic together if it is only role driven.

I have not tried this for a while but pick a good side give them all their preferred role so max green and see how it plays.


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Tried the Goodbye451 with West Ham. Struggling to keep possession, even against smaller teams (Swansea, Palace, Burnley) we usually only have around 40% possession and don't create too many chances.

So far the 4231GoodbyeBarcelona (converted from FM17 to FM18) is clearly the better tactic for me.

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WOW just reading through the earlier pages, most notably page one and two guys asked the question of what was the thinking behind the tactics and WOW the attitude shown to them is horrid.


They were obviously interested in the tactics otherwise they wouldnt be in here asking about said tactics. Im a fan of KNAPP's work and have one as one of my 3 slots. Even i wonder how you are spotting what needs to happen in the ME to make you decide on what your tactic is doing. Probably worded that wrong but im on a night shift and been awake most of the day! 


Calling people fanboys is hardly offensive to be fair and some of the fanboy attitude to the two people asking questions is out of order.


Knapp keep up the good work, you obviously know the inner workings of the ME very very well, i do ok in creating tactics myself but Im struggling with one of my tactics from last year coming over to this years game... but i will get there! Quick question Knapp is the Treq role as good this year for being the main man in terms of making and scoring goals? 

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On 17/11/2017 at 14:16, christrott79 said:

Just my OCD in that its hard to find players that are "green" in that position (although I know it doesn't matter so much in terms of results!)

to be fair wide midfielder's in my opinion are fantastic due to there diversity in PI's.

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