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FM18 Full Screen Issue and Stuck On Same Screen And Nothing Shows Up!

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Hi, I just installed FM18 about 5 minutes ago, hoping for another great year of your game, been playing it for about three years now and had no issues with the game. This year however I wanted to get the beta version, usually I'd wait till Christmas but I was so hyped as 5 premier league teams are in the champions league. I was hoping for just a normal fun time on the game but however this is not the case. Every time I load the game up  it goes to like half screen, yes I have dual monitors but my second monitor never usually comes into account when I play FM, My specs are 16GB RAM, AMD FX8350 8 core and an AMD third generation Radeon graphics card. This is my weekend off of work, so though I'd have a great time on the game, it is so frustrating, yes the beta is supposed to be a version so people can spot bugs, but it is a near complete version. Please can someone give me some sort of idea on how to fix it, it is 2017, not 2003, we are more technical, dynamic and much more advanced now. I will send screenshots but I know it won't only be me having this issue but I am willing to step up as if it ends up I can't play it on the first day of actual release I will be gutted :( oh and I also have Windows 10 not that it should make a difference as it's two years old now and surely should be supported by pretty much everything now as I have never had any issues before. Sorry if I sound annoyed, I just want a fix as I wanted to start a save with Manchester United but have to wait now. I purchased it off of steam

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