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PGC: Jumpers for Goalposts (FM 2018)

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Scotland for FM 2018

The PGC takes it's next step in it's European Adventures, as we move across the border into the harsh winters of the north. We begin our adventures in the Scottish pyramid with all members starting in League 2, in what promises to be an exciting (all be it a predictably slow) maiden season. With only semi-professional clubs available to pick from, expect facilities to match the weather.

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining our network game you can message FFCStu1428, or apply using the application form on our website.

The game is played Monday through Wednesday every week, from 1900UK to 2300UK.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with our game rules. Boring stuff, yes, but not long-winded and essential reading.

Good luck, and even if you are not part of our game, enjoy our thread!

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Stuart - Cowdenbeath 



Teams are picked and so the nightmare starts. For the 1st time since this clan started i don't think we have ever started this low and its going to be a dog fight for sure. 


As for my pick Cowdenbeath they are a side from East side of Scotland in the Kingdom of fife, Now my adopted home i thought it only fitting to try and make them into something special. All the board want is to stay up this season so there is little pressure in that respect. Maybe the biggest thing this season of clan is the fact we will all be playing each other week in week out 4 times a season, there is no hiding place.

Below is a little info The Blue Brazil ( maybe a geezer came to fife from Brazil in the winter and turned blue )


The ground looks more like a speedway track with abit of green in the middle, but dont be fooled in thinking its grass, its not, its plastic and not the good stuff either. 


Till next time 

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Slikovni rezultat

Montrose FC

Looks like Fun :P. I like the Badge and the Kit


The Stadium on the other Hand is... i don't know... less fun? :D At least there is a lot of expansion capacity :) 

Slikovni rezultat za montrose FC Links Park

What do i expect? Nothing... nothing at all. I sure hope for the best :D . The Star is the Team! 


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Alejandro Jacobo - Stirling Albion

I had quite a successful little game going in single player with this side, so I'm hoping that transcends into FM2018 and our online game simultaneously. I'm probably hoping for far too much (and with the board expecting top two in a league full of excellent, proven human managers, that may well prove to be the case) but I'm excited to really test my skills under the pressure. I've quite often taken mid-table or relegation fodder (Fulham and San Marino spring to mind) with the occasional side that has the potential to push for the title with a bit of luck (Recreativo de Huelva), but rarely have I chosen a title contender right out of the block. As a connoisseur of the counter attacking system, I will have to have my work cut out to develop a well balanced, attacking tactical setup, which has been proven in previous games to be my achilles heel.


Tricky to really address this, whilst adding real content to the above ramblings. Simply put, I want to get promoted as quick as possible. First season: ideal. Second season: I'll take it. Anything after that will be considered underachievement with this side. Cups: don't care. As long as I reach my boards expectation, it's all good.

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This year our mighty clan will be visiting Scotland. after years mincing about in England and mainland Europe we feel we are ready for a true test a real league without the advantages of foreign money or huge television deals ,were gonna get down and dirty in the mud.....literally.  The draw took place while I was at work this year so after my first second and third picks all got snaffled up I decided to let my head chef pick my team for me. obviously me being a proud Scotsman and a huge celtic fan she decided to pick me a team that's actually from England and has the nickname " The Wee Gers". talk about a massive stitch up, The team is crap the stadium is crap and were skint. I have a hun for a goalkeeper and my best player isn't old enough to drink buckfast.



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The Scottish adventure begins...

After having played in a country that is known for great football, big stadiums, great weather, the clan decided to go in a different direction; Awful football, small stadium and ***** weather...

So, since we're taking a **** league anyway, I felt the only natural choice was to take the lowest predicted team and set the bar really, really, really low from the beginning, so here I find myself at Annan Athlectic FC.

I won't go into much detail here, as I have absolutely zero knowledge about this league and this club... The goal is simply to survive this first season and see what I have to build on next season... I'm expecting a very tight league, but that one or two of the lads to break away from the rest of us due to being better prepared (or pure luck)...


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Capacity: 3,746 (626 seated)
Founded: 1884



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So the Scottish adventure starts and we are favourites to go up! so the pressure is on. Lets see how we all contribute to making Scotland the best league in the world!

Resultado de imagen de Balmoor Stadium

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Elgin City

I have returned... after a couple of **** season followed by a lot of personal life things, FM17 wasn't exactly fantastic for me, however I'm looking forw- ah wait, it'll most likely go to **** again! I mean, at least if I aim low it can only end well? This division is quite strange, I found that out as I was searching for players and staff (I can assure you it is highly difficult,) and it was certainly different to the feel of the Conference North/South I was expecting before joining the save, a division where I usually feel at home. I was offered Elgin when I approached Stu about returning and they're certainly a modest club, predicted to finish mid-table in League Two. The squad is reasonably small so there's definitely need to invest in a few players to provide depth and I'm surprised to find a budget of around 20k available to my arsenal, in which I can use to bring in players on frees and loans, especially now I have recently paired up with Celtic.

There's nothing much else to speak of apart from the fact the ground looks like a literal tip (and I thought Ferriby's ground was bad...) and when you go on Wikipedia and look at Elgin's page there is very little history, which to me suggests there's a lot of work to be done to get the club from the lowest playable league on FM18 to the Scottish Premiership, I highly doubt it will happen, but Gemma Collins is a celebrity and earns about x10000 more than me in a week so if that can happen, who knows.

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Edinburgh City Football Club are a part-time professional senior Scottish football club, which plays in Scottish League Two, the fourth tier of the Scottish Professional Football League.
The club play at Ainslie Park in Edinburgh, while redevelopment work takes place at Meadowbank Stadium.

A club known as Edinburgh City was first formed in 1928. It participated in the Scottish Football League in the 1930s and 1940s, but went out of business in the 1950s. The present club adopted the Edinburgh City name in 1986. It applied to join the Scottish Football League in 2002 and 2008, but failed to win election. Edinburgh City became members of the new Lowland League in 2013.
The club won the Lowland League championship in 2015 and 2016 and won promotion to the Scottish Professional Football League in 2016.


The original Edinburgh City was founded in 1928. The club adopted amateur status, with the aim of becoming the Edinburgh equivalent of Queen's Park. Edinburgh City joined the Scottish Football League in 1931. The club played in the Lothian Amateur League during the Second World War and were only admitted to the C Division in 1946. After three more years of struggle, the club left the Scottish Football League in 1949. It switched to junior status and played in the Edinburgh & District Junior League.
The club ceased activity completely in 1955, when the local council refused to renew its lease on its home ground, City Park.

A club called Postal United was founded in 1966. The Edinburgh City Football Club Ltd (Social Club), which had continued trading as a social club since the football club stopped playing, gave their approval in 1986 for Postal United to use the Edinburgh City name. The club has regularly participated in the Scottish Cup since the mid-1990s, when it became a full member of the Scottish Football Association.
In the 1997–98 Scottish Cup they defeated SFL club, East Stirlingshire, before losing 7–2 to Dunfermline Athletic, then of the Premier Division.

The club applied to join the Scottish Football League in 2002, after Airdrieonians had gone bankrupt, but Gretna won the vote instead.
Edinburgh City applied again following Gretna's liquidation in 2008, but this time lost out to Annan Athletic.

Edinburgh City won the East of Scotland Football League Premier Division title for the first time in the 2005–06 season and became members of the new Lowland League in 2013.
The club won the Lowland League championship in 2014–15 and 2015–16.
They then gained promotion to the Scottish Professional Football League by defeating East Stirlingshire in a playoff with a goal with four minutes left by Dougie Gair.


The club colours are white and black.
Postal United F.C. played in all-red, but switched to the traditional colours when it adopted the Edinburgh City identity in 1986.

B7g3XWwAQ6G4KKWlw30eCA.png.56d7a9ffa596182cc188f8d5d22b9e11.png   jUFeR_91QLipcw-UKN2bVA.png.fff471fcadc8d4db67d1dcce1bf25e63.png


Meadowbank Stadium, the club's home which is currently undergoing renovation.

Ainslie Park, where the club currently ground share with Spartans.

The original club played its home matches at Powderhall Stadium and City Park during its time in the Scottish Football League.

The present club initially played their home fixtures at the Saughton Enclosure, which is now home to Lothian Thistle, before switching to Paties Road, where Edinburgh United currently play. Edinburgh City then moved to City Park and then Fernieside.
Edinburgh City moved to Meadowbank Stadium in 1996, which had been vacated by the move of Meadowbank Thistle to Livingston.

In February 2013, the City of Edinburgh Council started a new consultation process about the future of Meadowbank Stadium. Three options for redeveloping Meadowbank were put forward for consideration by Edinburgh Council in December 2013.
A planned design was made public in November 2016 and work is expected to begin after the 2016–17 season ends.
Edinburgh City have reached an agreement with Spartans to use their Ainslie Park ground for three seasons while Meadowbank is being redeveloped.





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Well its been a tremendous season from my team, despite the odds being against them and an expected relegation fight the team dug in and not only produced a magnificent cup run but also a third place finish and a play off place in the post season. Unfortunately moneybags Stu broke my star strikers knee 2 weeks out from the playoffs and the team really struggled against Stirling failing to make it through the play offs. Notable mentions goes too star defender Ollie Fleming and striker Aaron Murrel they had outstanding seaons as did new signings Robbie Bruce and Connor Mcglinchey they have all signed on for next year.



Almost everyone seemed to struggle with the reality off the Scottish league its a tough nut too crack with no money poor players hardly any staff and no room to manoeuvre with your scouts. Everyone except Mike who obviously was a cub scout when he was younger cause he came prepared this year. The lad could survive 7 nights in the Sahara never mind 2 years at Edinburgh, hes got lists a plenty bringing in players that no mere mortal could scout. Obviously hes scouted every corner of the globe by hand and obviously theres nothing wrong with that I'm thinking as my new role as the manager of the "Wee Huns" I'm just getting bitter and twisted in my old age, next il be asking for his tax returns and filing for administration. Speaking of tax returns...........


Stu doesn't seem to be having any problems hes got cash hidden in the sofa in the attic he could have a daytime tv show on channel 4 and we wouldn't even know about it. Lads spent a fortune on some right dodgy sorts and its not really improved his team too much with a mid table finish never troubling the play off spaces. Stu will defo be hoping for more this season after spending another tidy sum on players but his bank balance doesn't seem to have taken a hit yet so mayby he will make like Man City and just buy the league.


My old pal sean has had a tough season its really not like him to be struggling down the league even less like him to be sacked but in honestly he went in blind and totally unprepared ( unlike mike) I don't think they have boy scouts where sean is from or they do but they just call them gangs. It was always gonna be an uphill struggle his star striker had crabs his defense was non exsistant and he had no money and his scouts were crap....... what the lad needed was a list I tried to tell him but u know how stubborn these Glaswegians can be.


Out of the rest of the lads Pedro gave up half way through all that dodgy preparation still meant he was facing the sack and instead of facing the music like a man he decided to go dancing like a girl. Jonas worked hard all seaon but eventually faced relegation and Dan got sacked half way through the season.

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Well one year on i was hoping to be reporting with news that at least wasn't ball busting but we got ourselves the sack we never got going its kind of my fault for not preparing and taking the challenge lightly its my first sacking in a few years so it hurt in them delicate places :D:D but we will soldier on,  75% of the squad where complete fud's and have now been let go. 

To sum up, we did rotten in the league (6th) and we did rotten in the cups ( all of them ) :D:D such a poor season from me, nothing good to report at all we had a shocking window lost the few targets i had to other clubs and wound up signing a couple of laborers and kitchen porters. 

the one shining light in an otherwise pathetic season all round was the youth that we got, our team was that bad that these youth prospects came in and brought fresh energy about the place 2/3 of them have real potential and it made such a pleasing end to an otherwise awful season. 

What now u ask? 

Last season our media prediction was 6th and we finished 6th, this year our media prediction is 1st, yes 1st not its not a miss type the game has royally screwed me on this one, iv got no idea how this has happened we had a poor season were skint but somehow our MP has jumped massively. we require a strong window which right now isnt looking good i will report back with more when the window is done. 


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First season of the Scottish ****-fest is over...

...and I'm really looking forward to FM19! Not only does FM18 seem to have a lot of bugs... we're also playing in one of the worst leagues, I've set my manager foot in in Football Manager... I took on Annan for our first season, a team I actually liked for most of the season, but who was simply a class or two below most of the other teams. But I can't blame the team only for the misery. I wasn't very well prepared for this FM. I had a few targets in mind, but I was waaaay too advanced in my tactics, hoping for a team that could actually pass the ball to each other.


As you can see, I brought a decent amount of players in, as the team didn't really have the type of players that I was after for my formation - which should have been the first clue not to go down that way.


The first half of the season was absolutely miserable... The strikers where *****, the midfield was *****, the defenders were *****...


Second half of the season wasn't great... After the game the 27th of Jan, I was sacked (for the first time), and after coming back again, we started to show a bit of heart, although still falling short most of the time... In the Relegation PO, we got East Kilbride, a team that Sean had warned the clan about, if we were to face them. Oh, boy, they came out storming and it was full on attack from the in both games, which left me thinking they might be an okay side... So after my stint at Annan, I took over East Kilbride... But being in charge of them now, they look even worse than Annan!


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Stuart - Cowdenbeath aka The fighting Fifers bhipzp.jpg


8th place finish might not seem much for most but for me it was a great season. not only was we clear of the drop we finishest the highest this club has finished in a few years. With so many players joining me in the summer all on frees and mostly in there early 20's they did me proud. Yes at times we went 4,5 games without a win but then we would go on a solid run of 8 without a loss. It was that kinda season and one i am glad is over, The aim in any league when you start off is just to stay up and to kick off the next season and the plan has not changed. Being able to keep the core of last summers signing i have been able to add some better player, more so up front where we was truly shocking, So much so Jonas turned round after one of our games and said that is the worst forward line he had ever seen, coming from a manager who was bottom of the league and had issues of his own was a big worry because he was not wrong, in some games we had to pay fans to stand outside the ground just so they could throw the balls back, Both goals have needed work on at the end of the season, we hit the woodwork that many times there was no paint left on it, it was a horror show. 




Unlike the other i have a little wiggle room in the market, the trouble is nobody really wants to join me unless i pay over the odds on contracts, this have left some bitter, My burger tossing friend andy is even more green than normal with envy and is trying to get the tax man to raid my club. Lucky for me all my books are upto date and the club was helped by the chairman in the summer, As i said at the start 8th place is the best this lot have done in years. So happy was the chairman he gave me a new deal and some pennys to spend in the window. All the money has gone into the wages and my wage bill is less this season than it was last as i had a major clean out. I scouted hard and have tried to get players from the local area or in Scotland, I have a couple from England and 2 from over sea's but my bulk is British and that's the aim for the time being. 


Last seasons business


end of season table

Season ahead 


This season the board want a top half finish, i want a playoff place, with the new players seeming to be fitting in well and the ones already here now improving i am looking to pure every bit of skill they have out of them. It wont be easy Sean is stong this year with a good group of young players who have some though his youth system, Something i have marked down and will be looking to target them this season, like i did with andy and his striker, Fighting Fifers we are and we don't care who we hurt. 




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