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Crazy match schedule!!!

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Cheater. Where's the challange? You win every game. That's boring.

But the match schdule you've posted is indeed crazy.

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Well done for winning your beer :)

I must admit I've dabbled in the odd cheating/fun game and it's a good laugh.

I once had Gabriel Batistuta scoring 62 goals in the conference. And Martin Palermo got 40-odd and he didn't even start the opening 10 games! I did make it to the Premier League in the end. I didn't even have great youngsters I bought most of my players, sold a lot of the ones I had at the start.

Sometimes it is fun to cheat when you want to to something especial, to do something impossible in RL. But it's not interesting when you play a normal game... But if you play a normal game for a long time it also can be boring. That's why I often make up some challenges and compete with my buddies. The game gave us these possibilities so why not to take them and have some fun???

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