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The 6th "Annual" CSE Awards Thread - Nomination Phase - Presented by TheEarl

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Disclaimer: I am in no means affiliated with SI or any kind of moderator here. But since there has been no initiative to an award thread for the last 5 years, I though I run one.

The 6th Annual CSE Awards Thread - Nomination Phase

I have decided to host an Award thread, it was done regularly before, but not been so for quite some time. If its a success it will be done again next year. Since its been such a long time, for all awards any contribution from FM13 until FM17 is allowed.

First, if anyone feels there is an award missing, let me know (maybe with a small text as a motivation) and I might change/add some awards during the process. 

The nomination phase will run until Sunday 19th of November at 23:59 UK Winter time. After that I will announce the nominees and the voting phase will begin. The voting phase will also be a couple of weeks.

Rules: In nomination anyone can nominate any thread/challenge/sign-up/experiment/user/player, let it be your own or other peoples contribution. (See specification to certain awards.) When we come to voting you can not vote for yourself. All categories will be "peoples choice" meaning, there is no board who vetoes over the awards. The nomination phase will be "open" so everyone can see, and there is no need to nominate the same challenge etc. more than one time. When it comes to voting it will be "closed" using messages, and I will keep the scoring. I will send my votes early in the voting process to a later announced user so that my votes can be "controlled". 


Best Challenge - This is an overall prestigious award for the common best challenge since FM13. There is no need to specify like Dafuge FM 13 and then Dafuge FM 14, it will be one entry per challenge.

Best New Challenge - This challenge must have been created since FM13 or newer.

Best Challenge Idea - This might not be the most popular challenge, but should be rewarded for a very good idea even though it either failed or not attracted too much participation.

Hardest Challenge - Here we seek to find out which challenge is the hardest to complete, but it should still be possible (at least in theory)

Best Individual player in a Challenge - Here you nominate your favorite guy. Was it the one that scored the decisive goal in a CL final, or a guy who played more than 1000 games? You can only nominate a player you used yourself. Please provide minimum a screenshot, and preferably some text describing why this player is the best challenge player.

Best Sign-Up - There has been a lot of great sign-ups , which one is the best?

Best Sign-Up Idea - Maybe a sign-up failed but you loved the idea.

Best Experiment - Some great experiments, let you see what can happen in a game, which one did you enjoy the most?

Best Experiment Idea - Again maybe something failed, or the author didn't have time to finish it, but you loved the idea.

Best quality or standard of posting a Sign Up or Experiment - A lot of talking of best ideas, but which user/thread was contributed with the best standard and follow up to really finish the sign-up/experiment

Best Single Post - Which single post in this section was your favorite, was it a quality subject matter, or something that made you laugh, cry? 

Best User Contributor - Which user in this forum section has been the best to contribute to a lively community, or the most helpful, your choice.


So let the nomination begin, and I look forward to actually hosting the awards later. Most likely the actual awards will be presented in early December.

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Nobody else is going to go first, so I will. I don't read the experiments, so not going to vote on that. Also hard to vote for single posts because I'm not sure any CSE post on this forum has ever become highlighted or made it to the forum's leader board, but I have voted for one post, even though I've no idea where it is.

Best Challenge - Youth Challenge 

Best New Challenge - Ultimate Challenge (created by Letsgetreadyto)

Best Challenge Idea - Keep it close to home 

Hardest Challenge - Giant 70

Best Individual player in a Challenge - Brian Hok-a-Hin. This was way back in FM15. I only ever managed him internationally, but for some reason I loved this guy more than any other player I've ever had. Well, I say some reason; the reason is -goals! He probably scored about 60 goals for me just internationally. I desperately wanted to manage PSG, just so I could manage him. Believe me, there wasn't enough money in the world for any other club to buy him. But this was FM15, so no screenshots. 

Best Sign-Up - Are you danny Roberts incarnate?

Best Sign-Up Idea - From dust we become

Best Experiment - 

Best Experiment Idea - 

Best quality or standard of posting a Sign Up or Experiment - Are you Danny Roberts incarnate?

Best Single Post - 


Best User Contributor - The Earl

Edited by vikeologist

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I will start my nominations also, but will have to add some categories a long the way.


Best Challenge - The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge (first created by @LetsGetReadyTo and later maintained by @vikeologist)

Best New Challenge - Also The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge, already mentioned.

Best Challenge Idea - To be decided

Hardest Challenge - San Marino Challenge (link is to FM17 version)

Best Individual player in a Challenge - Mlungisi Seanogo. Decided to post a player anyway. Sadly no screenshot as the savegame doesn't exist any more. But read my own treads from completing UFMC in FM15, and found this player:

Mlungisi Seanogo. He was good no doubt, but when I managed him first in South African Premier Division at Kaizer Chiefs, what struck me was that he was so much better than any other player in the league. Then manage to bring him on to Suwon in South Korea and Sporting CP in Portugal. In total he played for me for some 5,5 seasons scoring no less than 258 goals. His achievements included:

Kaizer Chiefs won the league 2 times, won SA KO Cup 2 times, won SA FA Cup 2 times, won Be the Coach 3 times, won Super 8 3 times, won African Confed Cup, won African CL

Suwon won K League Classic 2 times, won Asian CL 

Sporting CP, won Primeira Liga, won Taca de Portugal, won League cup

Best Sign-Up - To be decided

Best Sign-Up Idea - To be decided

Best Experiment - To be decided

Best Experiment Idea - A League of Lesser Nations

Best quality or standard of posting a Sign Up or Experiment - To be decided

Best Single Post - To be decided

Best User Contributor - To be decided

Edited by TheEarl

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Remember nominations ends at: Sunday 19th of November at 23:59 UK Winter time

If there is no more nominations, there will not be need for an award, as only 2 nominations so far is not enough 

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On 8.11.2017 at 13:09, vikeologist said:

Oops, that's one person who won't be voting for the Ultimate Challenge. And presumably, won't even be attempting the Ultimate Challenge after this.:lol:


Wouldn't hate a PM of this... just saying :rolleyes:

Edited by thomas_e

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35 minutes ago, thomas_e said:


Wouldn't hate a PM of this... just saying :rolleyes:

Sorry, no idea what you're talking about, because I've hidden that post so as not to distract from the important electoral process of this thread.

I'm going to replace my nomination with a far worthier post, not that it makes any difference since nobody else is nominating.

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