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This is something that really should be included, but isn't, and doesn't seem like it would be entirely complex to add. That is: greater support for manager names. For example, when I want to create a British manager ("Joe Bloggs"), there is no option for me to set his full name as (for example) Joseph Brian Bloggs, and his known-as name as Joe Bloggs.

This is even more of a problem with other naming customs. For instance, traditionally Spaniards have two surnames. However, they often choose one over the other: Pep Guardiola's full name is Josep Guardiola Sala. The use of the diminuitive "Pep" also adds to the problem. Spanish full names often become very long as well due to this use of two surnames, often one of which is a composite.

There are more examples, but in short, just include an option (with lots of characters) for full names, and then the short two names that fit in with how names would be done in actual practice.

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