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FM18: Hidden Gems

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This may be a bit late, but some of my favrouite youth gems

Rodrygo -Brazilian(now gone to real madrid) LW

Richard-Brazilian (probably a random ability) CAM/LW

Lo Faso-Italian RW

Pavon-Argentine RW

Launtrino martinez-argentine (sorry about spelling) ST

Rajkovic-Serbian GK

Cuisance-French CM/CDM/CD

Masangu-Italian (this one is also proberly randomised, but I got him to 17 acceleration 17 pace and 17 strength! ) Cm/RB

Barco-argentine CAM

Sessegnon-English LW/LB

Nketiah-English ST

Nelson-English RW

Sterling-English ( yes yes I know what your thinking, no this is the Chelsea th, can get to pace of 19, same with acceleration ) RB

Neglia-Italian RB

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Mario Pineida, 24 yo right wing-back playing for Barcelona ECU with 18 dribbling, 16 Crossing, 17  vision, 16 Passing and both feet strong. Can be bought for around 300k at the start of the game

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I've noticed that this topic changed to 'hidden' supertalents from all over the world. Only few people post real hidden gems like some midfield tanks or crazy strikers in average leagues that are dirt cheap. 

The rest of the players are just some -9's or 8,5's that developed nicely. And cost usually more than 5 million. THIS is topic for you gents.

How a -9 player can be HIDDEN GEM if top clubs are after him? 


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Anybody tried this guy out? Looks nice for mid table sites, shouldn't be too expensive either. Am managing Hearts so I can update his progress if I keep going with the save.


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