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1 hour ago, Swindon69 said:

Go on holiday until 25th June. This is the day that the new clubs appear, so saving on 24th June gives you a chance to reload in the hope of getting a particular club.

So every time I holiday for one day from 24th June to 25th June (on the same save), there's a chance of getting any combination of the teams from the 3 leagues below Conference North/South? I just have to keep going and going until I find the club that I'm after...

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1 minute ago, Juan Yenkins said:

So every time I holiday for one day from 24th June to 25th June (on the same save), there's a chance of getting any combination of the teams from the 3 leagues below Conference North/South? I just have to keep going and going until I find the club that I'm after...


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Managed to win my first Europa game (against Steaua Bucharest) 5-0 while starting almost entirely backups, which is nice because my schedule is packed for the next few weeks.  That despite only having 38% possession.  Also set our team record for youngest player with Kevaughn Smith who just came through our youth system in the spring.  Kid's talented, could be our first truly home-grown prospect to make the first team (I actually had him on the first team in the preseason).

Now I have two games in 4 days against Arsenal... woo hoo...

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Will do my season update shortly as we have made it into the Championship, but I have just lost my best youth prospect produced in 4 years. After multiple investments in coaching, facilities, network etc. I finally last season got a 5 star potential player through the academy and he even had a professional personality, sadly I have just spent the summer fending of bids from PL clubs, like basically everyone outside the top 4 has made bids before Newcastle came in with a bid of £4.7 million and the board decided to accept (I had protested two previous bids around £3.8 million). The money is very useful as it has allowed me to increase my wage budget, but clearly if that many AI clubs were interested the guy must have potential to be a top quality player. 

I also need to show the two loanees I have managed to pick up because they are fantastic for this level -


This guy is on loan from Spurs, I have had to pay £700k to get him here but it's worth it and hopefully we might be able to pick him up permanently 


This guy I have been tracking since basically the third season, he is a first season regen for Bournemouth but they have loaned him out every year and every year I have tried to get him but he rejected me each time and finally got him this year.

No idea why Bournemouth don't play him, he didn't even make their first team squad when they had a year in the Championship. 

Again hopefully I can win him over and sign him permanently. 


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Got promoted to League Two as King's Lynn in the 2020/21 season. Absolutely struggling to assemble a half decent side now, the team I had in the Conference National was so good due to 2 loanee strikers who were arguably at League One level and don't want to rejoin on loan. Plus no other players seem to want to join us - and that's not taking into account us being 200k in the red which is likely going to worsen :|

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1 hour ago, Lawly Boi said:

Got promoted to League Two as King's Lynn in the 2020/21 season. Absolutely struggling to assemble a half decent side now, the team I had in the Conference National was so good due to 2 loanee strikers who were arguably at League One level and don't want to rejoin on loan. Plus no other players seem to want to join us - and that's not taking into account us being 200k in the red which is likely going to worsen :|

I trawled released players quite a bit and looked for loanees.

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It might be the teams I'm managing, or something I'm doing wrong, but this has been the hardest thing I've ever done on CM/FM. When I was younger I wouldn't have had the patience for this kind of challenge, but I've now started Season 3 in charge of my third team...this time the mighty Salisbury FC, founded in 2015!

I lasted 31 games in my first season, 32 in my second and didn't win a game all season. It felt like the game wouldn't let me win...anytime we took the lead late on in a match I would concede a penalty - it was almost guaranteed.

I do tend to rip up tactics and start again quite a lot which probably hasn't helped, but I suspect I've not invested in a solid keeper or defence as much as I should have. I'm usually confident I can take any old squad and at least get it organised better and more consistent but this has been a struggle like no other.


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4 minutes ago, Swindon69 said:

@Edinton My first save I had 5 different teams in 5 seasons - eventually I started a new save with Hereford.

That does make me feel a little better, thanks! :)

I have deliberately chosen the lowest rep/ranked team each season but will see how I do with Salisbury as that may change in Season 4!

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Harrow Borough FC 2018/19

Table | Squad |Transfers


Restarted with Harrow, a team with no decent facilities and few players. They did have some good wingers and fullbacks and an ok GK. Started the season well until nov when the team struggled until jan leaving them midtable. In the new year the team were on fire helped by a few loan players, dropping only 4 points from 12 games. A slight wobble meant the title was never really on but after facing 4 of the other playoff teams in the last 4 games and winning them all the team finished 2nd. A 3-0 defeat of Dover was followed by a comfortable win over Dulwich to gain promotion.

In the cups the team reached the 1st rd of the FA cup losing to L1 Charlton. In the FA trophy the team lost in the 1st Rd to VNL Whitehawk .

The finances are pretty poor due to low attendances of ca300. Getting 50K from the Charlton match helped as did the playoff games. At the end of the season i noticed that Bury had a youth player come through from Harrow, I was able to sell the clauses for 70K. After promotion the board announced that the team would be moving into a new stadium with repayments at 8K p/m which would be a strain. Plough Lane would be the teams home for 2 seasons.

The teams best players were the 4 loan players with Sotiriou being particularly good. Banya was the league player of the season.



Season       League         Position       FA Cup           FA Trophy                  Achievements/Notes               
2018/19   Vanarama South      2nd         1st Round         1st Round                     Promotion                            


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In stunning fashion, we defeated Leyton Orient 4-3 at Bloomfields to win the VNL on the last day of the season. Crawley, which had seemed beyond any club's reach, faltered badly down the stretch as they won 3 and lost 7 of their final 10 matches. We won 5 and drew 5 matches to overtake them. I didn't really believe we had a chance at anything other than the playoffs until we upset Crawley with 3 matches remaining, scoring late to edge them 3-2 and put us into a 3-way tie for the top spot (we were 3rd on goal differential though).
Our chances seemed dimmed when Southport scored an 89th minute to equalize at 2-2 in our 45th match after we had dominated the match (and bounced shots off both the crossbar and post) and we dropped into 4th place with the result. The final day had us facing Orient at home, while Crawley visited Maidstone and 3rd place Ebbsfleet visited Southport. We needed help for our match to matter and got it as Maidstone dumped Crawley 2-0 and Southport edged Ebbsfleet 1-0.
I have included the match summary for the Orient tilt, but I can't completely explain what a see-saw matter it was. Deren Ibrahim was the real hero for us, as the Gibrlatan keeper stopped two penalty kicks (I was so mad when we were given a second penalty result that my laptop almost took a tumble) to keep us in the match. The goals came fast and furious at the 70 minute mark of the second half as there were four goals (2 for each side) in the span of five minutes (and that also included the 2nd penalty kick). The match winner was an unfortunate own goal from Orient's Jamie Sendles-White at 87 minutes that was enough to allow us to leapfrog Crawley, Orient and Ebbsfleet to the title.
The difference in our improvement this season was our forward play and the solidity of the defense. We yielded the least goals in the VNL, despite losing key defender Sam Golan to torn cruciate ligaments (will be out another 6-10 months) down the stretch. Ibrahim was brilliant when we needed him to be in the last 10 matches and earned every euro (he is the highest paid player of our miniscule payroll). Despite losing key forward Owen McCann when the President accepted a lowly offer (for which the fans' remained mad at me all season- despite me having no say in the matter), the addition of Mark Kingdon, Seika Jatta the return to health of Jubril Adedji gave us three consistent scorers as Zatta potted 20, Kingdon 17 and Adedji 17 on the season. With Max Ryan also contributing 6 important goals, we had enough scoring to keep us in matches as we managed an amazing 19 draws on the season (we only lost 5 matches).
Despite a small transfer budget and only using 7,700 of our 11,100 payroll budget, I never felt the need to add at midseason as we also didn't loan any players this season. Our midfield didn't really shine, but they were effective enough at providing service to the forwards to allow us to be successful. One aspect that helped us was that we avoided key injuries- until the loss of Golan, who was playing brilliantly- for most of the season. We also survived a late season take over as local investor purchased the club. A tycoon would have been nice :) but we settled for him wiping out the current debts (but at the cost of future debt service on loans).








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12 minutes ago, Kaiserwatman said:

Game 894 in Management brings promotion to the Premier League . It'll be a shock to the system given the transfer record is £475K and highest earner gets 8K a week

I bet you're using multi-striker tactic, am I right? 

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2034-35 (UK & IRE Players Only)

League - Squad - Dynamics - Transfers - Finances - Commercials

So we are finally in the Premier League after 17 seasons and almost 900 games in Management . Will it go better than my initial transition to the Championship i don't know but that horrendous relegation was probably key to the success at Championship level as i switched to been a more defensive system and have moved it alot over the years with several tweaks that now i can at least give Premier League clubs a game in the various cup competitions though outside of Everton i have yet to have a really big scalp.

Are the club ready to make the jump , probably not given the lack of financial investment from the current board who have literally invested £0 , the new stadium which we have been in for the past 10 seasons has now been paid off and any further loans taken out for expansions will be looked after by premier league money.  9 of the first 11 at champions Chelsea get more individually than my entire payroll put together. Names that you see on the honours list like current hero  - Paul McKnight Is he really a Premier League striker  - NO but he fits the system and pay structure . Going have to once again lean on neighbours Man United to give me youth players to stand a chance .

In the cups there wasn't much to mention as the draw saw me away against big Premiership clubs in the early rounds which lead to defeats





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OK, for a first effort it could be better, but the same is going to be said about the first few videos as well.

Coming to a youtube channel in the New Year, once I can tear my 8 year old away from Minecraft to help me set it up:



They'll get better, I promise.

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First season at Bishop's Stortford completed... nail biter...


stayed up at the end of the season with a 80 something minute goal.

time to rebuild for season two and hopefully a much calmer end of season!

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Season 2019/20 Review


Tonbridge Angels FC

Season Review: Arrgghh... So close.. We missed out on winning the league by 4 points, settling for second place. And missed out on promotion with a 1-2 defeat to the third-placed team in the playoff finals. Switching to the 5-3-2 WB formation was instrumental in stabilising the defence, but starting to be worried that our attacks are getting predictable. Started the season strong, but our form dipped mid-season after a string of injuries to our key players. Managed to recover in the later part of the season, but by then, we had to settle for second.

Board expectations:

Vanarama National League South: Avoid relegation

Media prediction: 21st

FA Cup: Third Qualifying Round

FA Trophy: Third Qualifying Round


Vanarama National League South: 2nd | League Table | Player Stats | Team Stats

FA Cup: Fourth Qualifying Round

FA Trophy: Third Qualifying Round

Season Summary:



Key Performers:

Eli Phipps: Loaned from Colchester. He was out for 6 weeks in mid-season, and that coincided with our dip in form. Played the role of the Big Man in the two strikers partnership that was sorely needed in the team. Won the VNLS Player of the Season award, and the Supporter's Player of the Year.

Shama Bako: Managed 35 goals this season playing alongside Eli. He misses some pretty clear cut chances, but still doing his job well enough to be my main striker. Won the VNLS Top Goalscorer award.

Steven Cahill: Our signing of the season. Was out for 4 weeks in the later half of the season, but good thing I had just signed another player in the same position. Still missed him in the team, and we played better when he was back in the team.

Youth Prospect:

Not worth mentioning.

Next Season's Goals:

1) I tell the team "Playoffs", but I'm hoping for "Win the League".

2) Hmm.. Should I change my formation? Let me sleep on it. My transfer plans might change depending on my decision

Year   Division          		Position   FA Cup		     FA Trophy		    Notes
2018   Vanarama National League South   13th	   Fourth Qualifying Round   Third Round
2019   Vanarama National League South   2nd	   Fourth Qualifying Round   Third Qualifying Round
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11 hours ago, Kaiserwatman said:

Game 894 in Management brings promotion to the Premier League . It'll be a shock to the system given the transfer record is £475K and highest earner gets 8K a week

My transfer record went from £190k to £35 million! 

Wage Budget went from around £120 a week to nearly £600k a week.  It's quite a dramatic change. 

Congrats on the promotion. 

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Billericay Season 4 and 5 Update. 

League 1 Season (2021/2022) -

League table -


Missed out on the 100 points mark but were very solid, the team's form dipped again in the final months but we were far enough ahead for it to not really impact us. 


Season Summary -


That away game to Spurs put nearly £2 million into the club's coffers as it was at the sold out New White Hart Lane and televised, we held our own for 70 minutes but once they scored and we tried to get back into the game they tore use apart. 

I used back ups in the Check-a-trade. 


Squad Overview -


Much of the League 2 squad is still here, Slattery became our record signing in January at £120k, it took many promises and quite a big wage to get him here as really he should have been playing at Championship level and has potential to be even better but he was successful despite me having to play him as a Shadow Striker, not my regular AMC-A, due to him wanting that as part of his deal.  Yet again my formation seems to really get a lot out of my wingers. with List basically breaking most records going. Kehinde continues his rise up the leagues with us. 


Championship Season (2022/2023)

League Table -


Was not expecting this at all, but once we got going there was no stopping us. Mputu (see further up the thread) signed on loan from Bournemouth was amazing, and other loans added much needed quality to the squad without using up the wage budget. We barely drew a game, we either turned up or didn't, though I'd reckon half those losses were me absolutely battering the opposition and them scoring their one chance. 


Season Summary -


We had a nice run to the League cup semis, losing narrowly to Leicester, we won the home leg 2-1 (and it should have been more) before going down 4-2 in the away leg, with late set piece goals costing us a Wembley final. A pleasing run though because we beat 3 PL teams on the way.

We also created 5 clear cut chances against Guardiola's Arsenal, but lost 1-0 to a late goal with him even admitting afterwards they were lucky to win,


Squad Summary -


What to say about Mputu, 47 goals overall, 39 in league and 16 assists, I have no idea why Bournemouth have not played him more, he's had one league cup appearance for them in 5 years, despite banging in the goals in every loan spell he'd had. I have attempted to sign him for 4 years after my scouts first picked him up but he refused to come, but this year I finally bagged him. 

Leko was picked up on a free from West Brom, again no idea why he was let go as he is easily good enough for the Premiership, he is a direct upgrade to List on the right wing who had to slip into the back up role this year.

Kehinde is still there, he broke the club's all time appearance record this season and is still going strong. 

Jose Roberto is a Brazilian/German wonderkid on loan from Bayern Munich, the switch to being able to scout out in Europe brought many more options in, Tue was signed on a free from Inter Milan, Krcic was a young Bosnian centre-back spotted by my scouts and was picked up on a free. He is a little rough on some stats but has excellent mentals. 

Pretty much all my signings were free transfers, Rico Henry was weirdly let go by Brentford, Haksabanovic was released by West Ham.

The only one I paid any money for was Callum Gribbin, the highly rated Man Utd youngster who for some reason had been signed by Sheffield Wednesday but wasn't playing and was sat in their reserve team. 

Sadly most of the National League to League 1 squad, the likes of Eyoma, Olowu, Annan, Blackett-Taylor, List etc. became either back ups or surplus to requirements such was our rapid rise. 



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Billericay in the Premier League - The Journey so far update

So from our humble National League South beginnings and with an owner who was willing to shore up our spending, we have now made it to money gravy train that is the Premier League. 

My humble manager has grown quite a lot -


Though no idea why I am so good at Goalkeeper coaching!


The club has come on massively, 6 straight promotions if you include the one before I arrived -


Facilities wise we are still getting there -


We are currently borrowing Selhurst Park from Crystal Palace as our imaginatively named Billericay Stadium, built for entrance into the Football League is being expanded from 5000 seats to 12500 seats, which already looks to be too small as we have sold nearly 12000 season tickets and have already had attendances of around 16000 in Selhurst Park. 

I have constantly badgered the board about investing in facilities but due to the way they fund the club we only ever really have money at the end of each season as the owner basically lets us get into debt, then provides a cash injection. I also on my first new contract inserted the 'develops players from the youth team' philosophy and this meant they have been amicable to upgrading the youth related facilities, so the youth coaching and youth recruitment is at a decent level.

My Board also seem keen on the whole coach thing generally as they currently allow me to have 12 coaches, I even had the option for 8 back in League 1 so we have had the best coaching staff in the league pretty much since I started. 

Hopefully with the PL money coming in I can start investing in more facility upgrades. 


Myself, Elliot List and Kehinde are now club legends, List sadly is on loan at a lower league club, he is basically a good league 1 player so PL is way above his level.  It's quite cool to develop a club like this and be basically making the history of the club, a key player from our non-league days, Sam Deering is now a scout and regularly comments in pre-match media items. 


Here is the legend himself Tosin Kehinde -



Signed at the very beginning, he was the club's highest earner (after I got rid of £3k a week Jamie O'Hara) but was worth every penny and is now the club's all time appearance holder.  The Premier League might be a step too far for him but it's great to see him get international recognition and hopefully he will make an appearance against Man Utd, the club that released him all those years ago. 

Here is my new club legend -



Newly capped for England, currently the top scorer in the Premier League as well, my captain and record signing. The Board are actually a bit unhappy about how much I spent, the fee rises to near £40 million but is based on a lot of clauses, despite not playing him ever Bournemouth were not that stupid that they didn't fight to let him go. About 70% of my transfer budget went into him, but when he scored that many goals I just had to sign him permanently especially as the club is now his favourite club and I'm his favourite personnel. 

I also think this is a case of CA blindness by the AI, because in the Championship my scouts and coaches only rated him as a good championship player, but I think because he has all the stats in the right areas he makes the most of his CA, so it's unlikely his PA is massive (though he has improved) but I still think if he just improves a little in those key areas he will be top class, even if he doesn't hit top level CA. 


Here are two other regens that I have managed to pick up that I think are going to be huge signings -





And yes the eagle-eyed of you will notice I am 2nd in the league but don't get carried away, it's only 8 games and we have beaten pretty much everyone in the bottom 6. 







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Hereford FC 

Season 2028/29

Premiership Pos 4th

A vast improvement on last season we reduced the amount of goals conceded by 17 while only scoring 5 fewer - we made it much harder for ourselves than it needed to be by having a massive drop in form towards the end of the season. Given that we had two of the top three scorers you'd never have guessed they both had long spells without scoring. The real surprise for me was the emergence of Marino Vilhjalmsson who came in on a free to act as cover on the left side - he ended up making team of the year. We've had one failed takeover and are currently undergoing another one. Takeover completed - and I survived it.




End of season awards


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73 times.

73 times I started a new season, holidayed, and tried to get Enfield into the Vanarama South.

Best they did was 4th.  Worst they did was 8th.

So I edited a database.  I moved Billericay Town down to the Ryman, and Enfield up.  

Then I holidayed a season, and at the end of it, Enfield Town had finished 12th.

And Billericay Town had been promoted again as well.

So Holiday man retired, Jellico73 has taken over.

And now it's time to #GoToTown.



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Mid season, and things are going well. I feel like we're Everton during the David Moyes days, veering wildly season to season between the upper and lower reaches of the table. I don't think I'll be able to catch Nuneaton or Chester, but I'm definitely optimistic about the playoffs.

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This is me.


i signed for margate as a youth player when i was 16. i now live in wales and havent been at the club for a good few years! so how i@m still on transfer market. com is beyond me lol. good nostalgia at least.

so naturally  my pick of the bunch would be obvious.


also searched a little through the forum for some tactics but what i did find is this may be helpful.


masking is active. and yes i know i was imaginative with the player i chose to screenshot. 

well Margate here we go...

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2 hours ago, Haiku said:


No offence mate, but do you really enjoy the game? I really hope FM will be real simulator one day. This is just ridiculous. 

Why wouldn't I enjoy the game? I'm having fun, it's not as easy as it looks on paper.  I've developed this formation over 100s of games on other saves and together with good player indentification got it working very well.

Plus Billericay are like the Man City of the lower leagues, wage budget wise they are way higher than most clubs even into league 1, IRL the owner is throwing money at them but managing them himself, even then they are on for promotion this season. 

Could easily see them being in League 1/2 in the next 3/4 years with that sort of spending. 

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