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any good cheap players for championship teams?

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Hi I am coaching Brentford second season... january window now...

want to sign one or two decent central midfielders and one or two strikers to play in 442 diamond style

any recommendations? thanks

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What is your budget and any preferences on the type of player? 

For a start, I suggest looking through and scouting the players with only 6 months left on their contract or are transfer listed. These players are usually much cheaper. Secondly, go to the lower leagues such as Portugal (less the big 4 clubs) and Scotland. There are plenty of cheap and good players there. 

I will try to provide a few names when I get home later. Meanwhile, I think there was a thread on this some time back too which gave quite a number of good suggestions.

Hope this helps! 

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Here is what I got:

James Maddison - Norwich

Alex Mowatt - Barnsley

Joe Mason - Wolves

Will Keane - Hull


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Thomas Pledl (Sandhausen, German Second Division). Can be secured for around £1m.


As you can see, his value has started to increase significantly after playing 15 games.

Another that I have discovered is Leo Suarez (Villareal, La Liga). Can be secured for around £3m. Suarez has featured 22 times for the Argentinian under 20 squad and scored an incredible 19 goals!


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